Why Rolex is Still Better Than Every Other Watch Brand

There are watches and then there’s Rolex. As one of the most easily recognized and well-known brands all the world over, it’s easy to think that the Rolex brand might be a bit overhyped. However, many believe that the Rolex brand still outdoes every other timepiece out there. In the luxury watch market, there’s simply nothing better than a Rolex. It’s a leader in so many ways and on so many levels. Here’s why it still tops the list in 2020.

Production Control

Rolex is a vertically integrated manufacturer. That means that the company has full and absolute control over every single phase of the production lifecycle. That level of control ensures that every watch that comes out of the Rolex processing plants demonstrates exceptional quality.

Topnotch Reliability

There’s a reason why every watchmaker in the world has something positive to say about the Rolex brand. Its reliability is nearly unmatched. Anyone who’s ever owned a Rolex knows how functional and well-made each of its timepieces is. Out of any other mechanical watch on the market, Rolex does the job consistently and much better than anything else that’s out there. From water resistance to durability, craftsmanship, and more, it wins, hands down.

Track Record

Few brands in the market can boast of the company’s tradition of innovation as well as consistency, one that’s built on more than a century of experience. The company’s reputation for incremental innovation means the team behind every Rolex watch never stops innovating. They’re obsessed with details and with improving every detail until they achieve perfection. This is obvious in their engineering genius. The company’s patented Easylink rapid extension system is a brilliant example of this.

Marketing Innovations

Ever since the brand hit the market, the company has consistently set records in marketing excellence. Remember how the founder—Wilsdorf—submerged Rolex Oysters in aquariums he’d set up in the windows of shops such as Harrods—to convince skeptics? That made its way into the company’s ads, with images of submerged Oysters making its way into the international market.

Sense of History

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is the first watch to ever reach the top of Mount Everest. World leaders around the world have owned a Rolex. A Rolex Deep Sea Special descended to the bottom of the Mariana Trench abroad the Trieste, a record-breaking submarine. The feat made headlines all the world over.

Consistent Design

Rolex is renowned for being conservative when it comes to any changes to their watch designs, so you’ll see that the timepieces over the years maintain, more or less, the same consistent look. The enduring aesthetic is one of the many things that are a unique part of the timepieces. If you love the look and design of these watches, start looking for a trusted Rolex dealer.

Shorting Demand

The company has no specific steel versions of their professional models. However, some of the entry-level Rolexes are easy to get. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of collectors pay for a vintage Rolex steel professional model.