Why retail design is a key part of retail today

Whether you are remodeling or opening a retail store, you may want to hire a retail designer. A retail designer may also work with an architect to make sure that your merchandising plan fits with your space in the most profitable way. A retail designer may also go by the title interior designer, visual marketing specialist or merchandising designer. Companies that offer these services or that employee the professionals will often have a team of specialists work on a design that works best for you.

When you work with a retail design agency, they should always keep your profits in mind. They will not give you an extravagant design that is not very user friendly. They should consider your space, your products, your inventory, your budget and your customers. Retail designers can often come up with innovative designs and retail design solutions that you haven’t thought of yet. It can help you to take a fresh approach to merchandising that result in profits.

Retail and visual merchandisers are specialists in determining your clients’ needs. They anticipate what your clients will want and design the store around them. They will also want to catch the consumer’s eye and create new wants and desires along the way. All of this can be done by someone with a keen eye who does a lot of research.

Visual merchandisers will create the lure to get customers in your store. This often starts with the window displays. Mannequins and lighting designs can help to draw in customers. Once inside, the products need to be arranged in a logical fashion so that customers can easily feel their way around the store. Your showcases should be strategically placed to guide customers deeper and deeper into the store. Impulse buy displays should finish out the design. They are generally located in areas where customers will be passing once they’ve decided to leave the store. Near the register and near the door are good places to make that last ditch effort in selling a few more items.

If you have a small space, a retail design team my suggest using the walls to maximize your display area. Gridwall and slatwall are great for managing a large amount of merchandise in a small area. You can constantly update your displays. Spread them out for a more spacious feel, or arrange them close together to advertise just how much merchandise you have to offer. Gridwall and slatwall displays allow you to face your merchandise outward where it can be more easily seen, even from outside your store.