Why Regular Ductwork Cleaning is Important

Keeping your home or office clean is essential for your well-being. There are many different ways to address cleaning, but the job is not complete until you are sure the air you breathe is fresh and clean. HVAC and ductwork need regular maintenance to secure healthy air. Still, usually, people don’t have the proper tools or experience to perform a thorough cleaning session without the help of professionals. With that in mind, I wanted to understand the importance of duct cleaning better, and Sem’s Duct Cleaning provided answers to my questions. Since the pandemic breakout, I had never thought about duct cleaning before, but I decided to refresh my living space with a ductwork cleaning session. It has been easier to breathe in my home since then.

Look For Clues

The moment you start noticing that air feels different, it’s time to perform a checkup. You can see how much dust there is in the vents by simply looking at them. Furthermore, it is essential to learn how much dust accumulates between cleanups and determine how frequently you need to call the professionals.

An untrained eye is, unfortunately, not enough. With the help of cameras, professional cleaners can inspect vents thoroughly and figure out the extent of buildup.

In addition, they can inspect the general condition of the ducts, find leaks or breaks, and recommend immediate replacement.

It will save you a lot of money long-term because you will keep your home clean and identify any problems as soon as they appear.

How The Cleaning Is Done

A duct cleaning process involves sucking out the dust from vents with large devices. These can be transported by truck.

The cleaning itself is relatively straightforward. The hose is connected to the duct and sealed firmly so all dust and debris can go directly through it and into the machine. Attaching the hose near the air handler will regulate airflow.

As a next step, install an adhesive cover over all registers inside your home to prevent air from escaping as you vacuum. The vacuuming will not reach its full potential unless you properly seal all registers. Additionally, the dust will be vacuumed only partially diminishing the whole process.

When the machine is turned on, it creates negative pressure, which lets it pick up the dust from the ductwork and lead it through the hose, and land in the machine.

Right Tools For The Job

Contractors use different techniques with results that might not always meet expectations. A simple vacuum and chemicals to clean the ductwork are not sufficient. While the negative pressure is inside the ductwork, you can use it to clean every register when the central duct is cleaned. This sidestep separates good companies that want to ensure your ductwork is 100% clean from those that only want your cash.

To collect dust and debris from the ducts effectively, you need rotating brushes, vacuum cleaners, and compressed air mechanisms. The process will take approximately four to six hours, depending on the amount of dirt.

What To Expect From A Contractor

To ensure that the ductwork in your home and office is dust-free, you should hire a contractor who will devote their time and energy to the job. In the long run, paying for a substandard job puts your family at risk. The contractor should clean the entire system, inspect it before cleaning, use HEPA vacuum equipment, and ensure quality tools are used to prevent any damage to the carpet, furnishings, or any other part of the house.

It will be useful to ask the contractors to show you photos of the inside of the ductwork after they’ve finished the work and compare them to how it was before.