Why Readymade Intranet is the most suitable solution for SMB’s

All over the world businesses know that it is important to grow in order to retain market share and expanding. This eventually means transacting across multiple geographical areas along with more and more employees, and more documents that must be shared outside and within the enterprise.

Intranet solutions are the way of storing documents and retrieving them at multiple locations instantly. Thus it helps to cut costs, improve employee productivity and save time by making documents seamlessly accessible. Intranet solutions come in different colors but broadly they are classified as readymade intranet and custom-built intranet.

It is now easy even for small organizations to reap the benefits of affordable pricing with the recent developments in the Cloud and new features added to Office 365. In today’s post, you will come to know why Readymade Intranet is the best-suited solution for your organization.

What is Readymade Intranet?

An ‘Intranet in a box solution which comes packed with a set of business applications and all the basic features of an Intranet like Collaboration, Content Management, and Communication tools, etc is known as Readymade Intranet.

Lots of vendors now offer Readymade Intranet solutions. Some vendors have a ‘Plug-and-Play’ solution deployed on SharePoint or Office 365 as a SaaS model, avoiding the need to create an intranet from scratch.

Business enterprises with the help of a ‘dynamic’ intranet experience and a total content management system can create an environment where users do not need to know how to work on SharePoint to add engaging content. This is the benefit of Readymade Intranets.

It is believed that Readymade Intranet is the best for Small and medium businesses SMBs. Some of the reasons are :

1.     Affordable Solutions

Setting up an Intranet does not mean it would attract large upfront costs and ongoing maintenance in addition to other expenses as often perceived by Small and medium businesses.

They eliminate all upfront costs instantly and pay only a small recurring monthly fee for using the services if they opt for a SaaS model. And this exactly where a SharePoint readymade intranet makes sense. You pay only for the services you use and the number of users you have thus you get the same setup for a fraction of the cost. You need not worry about the cost if you choose a Microsoft intranet package that offers you only the features you need in contrast to an enterprise-grade intranet solution. This will be most affordable even if you are running a small business.

2.    Offers Scalability

You would be looking for solutions that are scalable irrespective of the size of your organization. But you may find that most of the readymade products are not scalable. The most important thing about readymade Intranets is that they may be customized to match your branding. For example, you could even match the branding colors so that your employees closely relate their Dashboard to your organization, apart from adding your logo and stuffs like that.

3.    Instant Deployment

Readymade Intranet solutions can be deployed almost instantly but on the other hand, if you go for customized Intranet solutions it can take ages, or at least a few months or a year depending on your organization. You need not worry about the time spent on setup and can instantly go live with a readymade Intranet.

4.    Pay for what you use

The application of an Intranet varies from organization to organization. For example, you might only need a travel management app and few basic Intranet features like Content Management, News broadcasting, etc for your organization. In that case, why pay for a lot more features you don’t even require. You can opt to pay only for the services you use with a Readymade Intranet.