Why React Native is a Good Choice in 2021

Not sure if you need to hire a react native developer or not? 

Are you sitting there and trying to figure out whether React Native is still a thing in 2021? Maybe there are some other good alternatives that your competitors are switching to, and you don’t want to get behind!

Whatever it is, we all have similar doubts now and then. We all want to be in the trend, so sometimes we’ll be confused if our choice is the right one.

So to shake all your doubts away, we’re here to tell you why you need to hire a react native developer right away and: 

Why React Native is a good choice in 2021 

1) JavaScript Code 

Everyone loves JavaScript. No, really ask the developers: you’ll hardly find anyone who does not love JavaScript. So the fact that React Native uses JavaScript is a huge advantage. For many years in a row, JavaScript has been considered the most popular programming language, so most of developers are familiar with it. 

And if they are familiar with JavaScript, they will quickly figure out the React Native too. In other words, they can use their existing JavaScript skills to build mobile apps. 

2) The support from Facebook 

Another huge advantage of React Native is that it is backed up by Facebook. Developed back in 2011/2012 by Facebook, it continues to be highly supported by it. Although Facebook made it open-source in 2015, it always continues to provide assistance. 

For instance, recently, the team of React Native launched Hermes Engine, offering the basic sections of Native in a re-architected version. Hermes is the JavaScript engine designed for Android and focused on running the React Native apps. 

This project came from the team of Facebook, which proves that Facebook is constantly engaged in the development of React Native. 

3) Create both iOS and Android apps 

If you ask any React Native developer what they love the most about it, the answer most probably will be its cross-platform capabilities. The slogan of React is “Learn once, write anywhere.” And it truly meets the expectations: almost all the code you write is shared both on iOS and Android. 

You don’t need to know any Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, or Java. Instead, you write a cross-platform code right from the beginning. What does it mean? It means that you no longer need to have separate teams for iOS and Android. Your one team can work on both projects by writing a single code. 

4) Large community 

There’s nothing better for a developer than a large community of developers who are ready to answer all the questions and help at any given moment. 

As we’ve already mentioned, React Native is an open-source platform, meaning that many programmers out there are contributing to it. If you open the React Native GitHub project, you’ll find nearly 2 thousand contributors there. Compared to other open-source projects, this really is an impressive number, and it one more proves the popularity of React. 

Except for the Github community, there is also the React Native Community repo with over 70 repositories. So, if you are looking for some tools or projects that you can’t find in the basic React Native repo but need for your project, this is the place to come for. 

Other helpful resources include Stack Overflow and Expo . In short, coding with React Native never feels like a lonely pursuit cause you’ll always have a virtual team of developers with you.

5) Excellent experience for developers

As you could have seen from all of the features we’ve discussed above, React Native is a pretty decent choice for developers. It has a large community of supporters, is backed up by Facebook, uses JavaScript and offers cross-platform compatibility. 

However, there are some other features that ensure a superior experience for its developers. Here are some of them: 

  • The Debugger of React Native 

React Native Debugger is an excellent debuggging tool for the React Native apps that offers an incomparably better debugging experience than the Chrome tool. 

  • The Expo 

Expo is there to help you improve the usability of React. It allows creating React Native apps without interfering with the native code. In other words, with Expo, you can build an app without using tools like Android Studio or Xcode. 

  • Fast Refresh 

Fast Refresh is the feature in React Native that almost instantly gives you feedback when your components get updated. It is there by default, and if you for some reason don’t want it, you can easily turn it off from the React Native developer menu. 

Sum Up 

In short, React Native still is one of the best choices in the development world, so if you want your project to succeed and your developers to have fun while on it, surely go with React Native.


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