Why React is Best for SaaS Applications

Developed and introduced by Facebook in 2013, ReactJS is a front-end, open-source JS library that creates stateful and reusable UI components. It especially helps in creating SPAs. Due to such benefits, react has altered the SaaS product development. ReactJS has grabbed the attention of numerous renowned SaaS-based companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, Instagram, Reddit, and more. 

SaaS, usually referred to as Cloud-based software, has become the ultimate trend in today’s world. According to Statista, in 2021, SaaS is worth 152 billion US dollars 2021. It is expected to reach 208.1 billion US dollars by 2023. ReactJS-based SaaS apps let you build complicated applications that update data without reloading the page. This blog will answer questions such as why is react framework is ideal for SaaS applications? Along with the Benefits of using reactjs for business. 

Top Benefits of using ReactJS

When ReactJS is compared to other Javascript libraries, not many can perform as well as ReactJS. That is why, before diving into why reactjs is ideal for SaaS development. Let’s see some of the features which will clarify why ReactJS should be used for development. 

JavaScript Syntax Extension (JSX)

JSX is a syntax extension JavaScript that React uses to specify the user interface’s look and feel. React makes it possible to incorporate HTML code into JavaScript code. One of the main advantages of JSX is that it delivers subcomponents using HTML tag syntax. For a complete React framework, these subcomponents are subsequently transferred to JavaScript.

Virtual DOM

Making changes in the Real DOM is a challenge due to slow progress. To avoid this issue, ReactJS uses Virtual DOM. Development is a smoother process with the light representation of DOM in memory.

One way Data binding

Because react employs Virtual Dom, if any unplanned changes occur, react will quickly notify the user via one-way data binding. When the data source is updated, the data is updated using Javascript. 

Developers may use this capability to make changes to a program while still active. 

React Native 

ReactJS is fully compatible with React Native. Allowing developers to use react-native libraries to create the best user experience. It also helps in creating a platform-targeted application with a sharable codebase. Because of these similarities, the transaction from the web to mobile is seamless. Hence, SaaS companies use React to build MVP and validate their ideas.

Being backed by Facebook, ReactJS is getting constant support from its robust community. Ensuring that ReactJS keep pace with modern trends. Because of this key advantage, SaaS developers have picked ReactJS over other options such as Angular & VueJS. Let’s break down the top features which make ReactJS a perfect choice for SaaS applications.

Top Features of ReactJs Making It Best Choice For SaaS Applications

The benefits mentioned above are just scratched on the surface. Following are a few features that show why ReactJs is the best choice for SaaS development. 

Immutability in JavaScript 

React’s primary operating premise is to generate immutable data, which allows you to build a new state without changing the old one. This characteristic allows it to be easily scaled.

Unified Structure

In contrast to the other frameworks, everything revolves around components. There are no special considerations about data processing, server connectivity, or anything else. It unifies various platforms into a simple framework to comprehend and manage.

Virtual DOM 

ReactJS provide an in-memory data structure to monitor the changes in updating the browser, which helps to activate the unique features supported by ReactJS developers to code. 

Enhanced Productivity 

The structure of React is made up of blocks, each of which is in charge of a different function or feature. You can make a more complicated complex system by rearranging the basic components. By reusing these pieces in subsequent projects, you may shorten the development period and avoid having to start again. Developers may focus on business logic while taking advantage of React.js’s declarative nature.

Easy Migration

Among other things, one of the best attributes of reactjs is flexibility. You can apply existing react.js code to the existing structure without scaling down functionalities. When compared with Angular, various compatibility issues can make migration complex. 

Component-based Architecture

The user interface of Reactjs web apps consists of several components, each with its own set of functionality. Reactjs for SaaS allows Reactjs developers to transmit data around the application without altering the DOM. Because functionality is implemented in JavaScript rather than templates, this is feasible.

Dependency Injection 

While integrating Third-party API dependencies, there is no need to extend or alter the states of components. It helps developers work on separate portions of an application to run freely while ensuring that common components perform effectively together. It enables any coder developing an app to implement adjustments without disrupting current code.

Ease of Debugging

With the help of component lifecycle methods, it is easy for developers can easily control which actions will affect at what point of time during the component rendering process without calling multiple functions.

Asynchronous Communication

The Flux pattern of ReactJS allows developers to create applications that can asynchronously communicate with the server, which can avoid issues such as executing or blocking several codes at once. It allows the developer to change the data without impacting UI elements easily, make reliable changes, and fix vulnerabilities. 

Business benefits of using SaaS for business development

Following are some of the best business benefits of using SaaS for business development.

Greater Flexibility 

React provides a more modular approach than most other front-end frameworks, especially for SPAs. With reactjs, you can have great flexibility in state management and data binding. React has features like DOM, prevailing APIs, and one-way data binding. All these features can be used to change throughout the complex application. 

Robust Support

Being backed by Facebook, the open-source title allows them to update their products, and you’re not the only developer using these tools. It means that millions of people are more than willing to help because of the robust support from the community. 

Code Reusability 

One of the key problems developers encounter is that they have to write the code from scrape every time a new project is started. To overcome this, reactjs comes with the features known as code reusability. The important part of reactjs lies in its component, which can be compared to small building blocks. While you hire reactjs developers, they can mix blocks to develop complex but efficient applications. Moreover, these reactjs components are reusable. Through which code from different modules won’t affect others. Moreover, using react for SaaS development makes Maintenance cost-effective. 

Long Term Adoption

According to the StackOver Flow annual developer survey, 41.4% of professional developers have chosen React.js as a web framework to work with. As well as being by Facebook gives the long-term confidentiality that the technology won’t be deprecated soon. 

Fast Rendering Services

React is the popular choice of the SaaS developer as it provides a seamless user experience. Compared to Frameworks like Angular and Vue.js react to load the website faster. One of the key reasons for the high performance of react is its use of Virtual DOM. It doesn’t render everything on the page. VDOM only updates the virtual to real dom changes when the user needs them on screen.

SEO Friendly 

The competition is increasing rapidly in the market. It is important to give attention to other technical aspects, such as Search engine optimization (SEO), that affect your online visibility and rankings. Using ReactJS ensures the enhanced performance of the app using various components to fetch data. This ensures better visibility for the application.

Wrapping Up!

Improved performance and Seamless UI are among the key factors for SaaS applications. React for SaaS can be summarized as cutting-edge, approachable,  and scalable. The thought was to develop an app that allows modification over time without disturbing whole applications. React has successfully applied various out-of-the-box features such as Virtual DOM, SSR, and component-based structure. So above points prove that React.js is best for SaaS development. It can be used in either SMEs or enterprise-level applications.