Why Putting Off Maintenance And Repair Jobs End Up Costing Your Business More

Balancing the budget is vital when you’re running a business, especially when margins are tight. However, it is essential not to cut costs when it comes to maintenance and repair issues around the office or warehouse. Doing so may save money in the short term; however, the reality is it’ll ultimately cost the business far more money if left untended. 


Choosing not to repair broken machinery promptly leaves you open to being sued should it cause an accident. Keeping funds in the budget to ensure you don’t need to delay essential repairs is vital. The amount your business would be required to pay out should a lawsuit be bought against it will be significant. Undertaking the repairs will be a fraction of the cost, and there will be no loss of reputation to the company.

Loss of income and revenue

Neglecting essential maintenance and repairs can lead to a significant loss of income for the business. Bodging repairs as a cost-cutting measure is also likely to cause issues, so be sure to hire a professional repair person. Broken warehouse doors could stop shipments from coming in or out, costing money and reputation. Proper dock leveler repair means this will not become an issue.

Inefficiency from broken or worn-out office equipment

Neglecting essential maintenance and equipment upgrades causes inefficiency that costs money to the business. Basic office equipment is easy to overlook when it comes to routine maintenance. But office staff who have to wait on slow computers and temperamental phone systems are not working at their best. And although these things can be operated within suboptimal conditions, the consequences are expensive when they break. 

Good Habits

Maintaining a routine of regular maintenance and repairs forms good habits within the company, both for reporting and carrying out. It also means there will be a coherent and up-to-date record of works, which is vital information to keep. In the case of a position changing hands, it should be included in handover training. And if there are ever any legal issues, the information can be produced quickly, possibly saving the company from losing a court case.

Staff Morale

When people must work in an environment that is not well looked after, their morale dips, and they’ll look to move elsewhere. Working under lights that flicker or around machinery that makes abnormal high-pitched noises isn’t pleasant. The environment might not be dangerous but can cause physical symptoms and eventually leave staff wondering if it’s unsafe. Staff will work less effectively, and high staff turnover brings associated costs of additional hiring and training.

It can be tempting to putting off doing minor repairs around the office or warehouse to try and save money. However, in the long-term, doing so will end up costing your business far more money than the original maintenance and repair would have. You’re also opening the company up to lawsuits and a poor reputation for staff retention.


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Time Business News Editor Team