Why professional showjumpers should use magnetic safety stirrups

Showjumping riders have to pull out all the aces in their sleeves when they enter the show ring to make sure they perform at their best and finish the course as clean and fast as they can. Sometimes, simply the choice of tack can make a big difference: all professional showjumpers know what a difference the right bit or a martingale (or the lack thereof) can make. But did you know that magnetic safety stirrups can help you too?

Magnetic safety stirrups are designed to provide riders with many benefits compared to regular non-magnetic safety stirrups. In this article, we will look at why professional showjumpers should take advantage of the benefits of magnetic safety stirrups.

The difference between magnetic safety stirrups and regular safety stirrups

Gone are the days when riders had to choose between non-safety stirrups and safety stirrups when choosing the right stirrups for themselves. Nowadays, equestrians generally disregard non-safety stirrups right out the bat and would rather invest in their safety and good safety stirrups.

However, in recent years, magnetic safety stirrups have started to take a solid footing in the equestrian industry and many riders casually browse them, wondering if magnetic safety stirrups really make a difference.

Frankly, magnetic safety stirrups differ from regular safety stirrups in one significant way: they have a magnetic connection between the rider’s boot and the stirrups. This may sound like a minor difference, but it can actually benefit riders in many different ways.

The benefits of magnetic safety stirrups

The magnetic connection in magnetic safety stirrups can help the rider to feel more secure when they place their foot in the stirrup. The magnet pulls the rider’s foot in the correct position and keeps it there throughout the ride, making it easier for the rider to focus on the task at hand.

When the foot is placed in the correct spot, it can automatically improve the rider’s balance and posture. In addition, the correct leg position can also decrease knee and joint pain and make it easier to signal your horse in the most effective way.

Also, especially showjumpers will appreciate the fact that there is a decreased risk of losing your stirrup during a ride. This is handy at home and more importantly at shows, where you want to focus on riding a clean and quick round without worrying about a loose stirrup hanging about.

Conclusion: Why magnetic safety stirrups for showjumpers?

Showjumping is a risky and speedy sport where a lot goes on in a short amount of time. Riders have to be able to make quick and confident decisions to perform at their best and to ensure that the round is as safe as possible.

Magnetic safety stirrups can help showjumpers to focus and concentrate better when they have one less thing to worry about. The stirrups keep the foot in the right spot and there is a decreased risk of losing it during a ride, which is something professional showjumpers will definitely appreciate during their already challenging courses.