Why Possums Want To Get In Your Home This Winter!

Possums are the native pests found in Australian cities. They are very scary looking and have 50 sharp teeth. They have a pointed nose and gray coloured fur on their skin. Possums can grow as large as cats in size. They are not aggressive but can be defensive in nature. They can create nuisance if they start attacking your trash cans in search of food and shelter. If they find any danger they usually start playing dead or can sometimes attack their prey. They are scavengers that feed on dead animals. Possums can cause a lot of damage to the property if they are not removed on time. Possums usually are seen in the winter season. One of the most common doubts people have is why possums want to get in your home in winter. Read on to know more in detail about possums, their behaviour and their habitat. Get our Emergency Possum Removal In Melbourne if you don’t know how to get rid of possums or find a dead possum in your roof.

Where Do Possums Live In Winter And What Do They Feed?

Possums usually find it difficult to survive in the cold during the winter and they try and find different places to survive in the winter. There are various places where the possums live in winter. Some of the common places are buildings, logs, trees, rock crevices and wood piles. They feed on various things in winter such as fruits, grains, rodents, snakes and dead animals.

Do Possums Hibernate In Winter?

This is also a very common doubt amongst people. The answer for this question is ‘No’ they do not hibernate. Possums are active in winter but they become slow during the winter. Possums usually spend most of their time in their dens to protect themselves from the cold weather out there. Possums usually have hairless tails and paws and ears which is the reason they feel more cold. This is the reason why they spend most of their time in their dens. 

Why Do Possums Get In Your Home In Winter?

Possums find places such as your house very cozy and which helps them to be safe during the winter season. They can save themselves from many problems that can be caused during the winter season. They want to protect themselves from snow and ice which is why they prefer your house as a shelter for them. This is one of the main reasons why the possums prefer to live in houses during the winters.  You can check our blog How To Get Rid Of Dead Possum In The Roof?

How To Prevent Possums In Winter? 

Keep Pet Food Covered- Possums are usually fond of pet foods. They easily get attracted to pet food. Whenever your pets are not eating their food, you can keep them in a safe area to prevent the possums from entering your house. 

Seal Garbage Cans-  Sealing garbage cans can help you in preventing the possums from entering your house. Possums usually find the garbage cans very helpful for them as it helps them to give shelter and they can also find food inside your trash cans. Sealing these garbage cans will help you in preventing the possums from entering your house.


In order to get rid of the possums from your house, you may need to hire professional pest control experts. They know all the best techniques used for removing possums and all other pests from your house. If you want to get rid of a possum or any other pest anywhere in Melbourne, hire professionals at 711 Possum Removal Melbourne. Whether it is a dead pest or a live pest, they can remove all of them. During winter, you may find an increase in their movements towards your home but following possum prevention tips you can block their entry. 

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