Why Perpetuity is best in Skin Care Treatments

We are very passionate about what we do. We love to see our customers looking youthful and feeling confident. We offer a range of facial treatments for both men and women. 

Men’s Custom Facial

Our treatment for men, men’s custom facial helps get rid of oily skin, improve skin tone, decrease the appearance of pores, and helps eliminate dark spots from the sun. It also smooths fine lines, reduces acne scars, and reduces wrinkles. Our skincare line for men is specifically formulated with nourishing plant ingredients to help provide the proper treatment for the special needs of skin that is more exposed to pollutants, the elements and the effects of aging.

GlowGetter Facial

Glittery skin, bright eyes, brilliant smile! Increase your confidence and zest for life by achieving that perfect glow with a one-time intense experience on the most beautiful part of your body – YOUR FACE! END

Deep Pore Purifying Facial

This type of facial focuses on clogged pores and the extraction of blackheads, whiteheads, and milia. It also removes dead skin cells and is generally a more intense type of facial. The work and attention required to thoroughly perform a deep pore purifying facial often makes spas not only the best destination, but the only place that offers these types of high-end facial services. Treatments can last from approximately 25 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the size of the face and the issues being treated. The heat of the steam cleanses both skin and pores. The massage does several things: it stimulates the lymphatic system to release toxins, improves blood flow and circulation, and reduces muscle strain. The antioxidants boost circulation and help clear congestion, which draws out impurities. And the thorough cleansing and exfoliation of deep pore purifying facials is designed to eliminate dead skin. Interestingly, a deep pore purifying facial can treat wrinkles and fine lines because it hydrates the skin, leaving your face less wrinkled and tighter looking. Of course, it should be noted that the treatment doesn’t actually plump up the facial muscles themselves.

Calming Facial

Are you troubled by the signs of aging? You’ve probably already tried a variety of cleansers, moisturizers, and serums, but many of them contain harmful ingredients that may do more harm than good. Thankfully, there is a solution at your fingertips that provides all of the benefits of a facial from the comfort of your home. You can achieve youthful, glowing skin that looks and feels amazing without spending a fortune on products or going to an expensive spa. At Perpetuity, we offer a wide variety of treatments designed to preserve and protect your skin. Our skincare products are free of the harsh chemicals, parabens, and fragrances that are found in many leading brands. You can experience the best age-fighting treatment with products and packages that help address your specific needs. At Perpetuity, we specialize in anti-aging treatments that can help reverse the signs of aging before they become too severe. We offer a variety of skin care products designed to hydrate, moisturize, and restore your skin. Best of all, our products are free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and fragrances that are not good for your skin.

Vita Anti-Aging Facial

_Across the country more and more people are becoming less inclined to use traditional, invasive anti-aging procedures, spa treatments and even injectables. The beauty industry has always been innovative, creative, and artistic, with techniques inspired and influenced by cultural and ethnic traits. The Vita anti-aging facial treatment utilizes botanical extracts, vitamins, and other proven remedies to return your skin’s natural radiance. This revolutionary new treatment delivers key nutrients directly into the skin for a deep collagen penetration while enhancing the skin’s youthful appearance._

The Dope Green Gorilla CBD Facial

There’s a lot that goes into finding the right skin care treatment. Like walking into a hotel or restaurant for the first time, or even visiting a new town you haven’t ventured out of. One minute, you’re figuring out the bus schedule or finding the best food spots. The next, you’re realising that you love what your are discovering. Sometimes you go out of your way exploring the best bars in your new neighborhood. Then, a few months later, you’re happily settled into a place that has become a home away from home. Getting the most out of your skin care treatment is no different. There are hundreds of different options for both men and women, and finding the treatments that works best for each person and their specific goals can be tough. However, unlike getting to know a new town, the foundation of a skin care routine is often built on bettering one’s overall health. And while acne, wrinkles, and other skin issues may appear on the surface to be aesthetic in nature, the truth is that they are often reflective of poor health choices.

Back Facial

Every once in a while, a facial treatment comes along that’s so effective that it becomes more of a cult favorite than anything else. That’s the case with the Back Facial, a specialty skin care treatment that’s known to treat stubborn breakouts that resist routine cleaning regimens, as well as acne scars, stretch marks, and other blemishes. It helps skin look and feel smoother and fresher at any age, and it’s definitely worth trying at Element Skin Clinic & Med Spa. Stop by today to learn more!

Ultimate Refining Neck + Décolletage Treatment

Ageing changes are inevitable. But you can do your hair, skin and nails a real favor by taking steps to slow down their ageing process. The Sanctuary Perpetuity Ultimate Refining Neck & Décolletage Treatment gel increases hydration elasticity and helps moisture transfer to the deeper layers of the skin. With this remarkably fast-drying yet highly effective treatment, your skin will feel smoother, younger and more vibrant-looking. The powerful and yet light capsules rapidly absorb into the skin. Rich essence instantly soaks in to nourish and help the skin to protect itself against external factors such as harmful UV and infrared rays. DOUBLE THE RESULTS WITH SKIN perfectors, serum Use with the Sanctuary Perpetuity Day Cream or Night Cream for salon-perfect skin and an instant glow.

Ultimate Refining Facial

Most skin care treatments focus on one treatment at a time. However the Ultimate Refining Facial, a Perpetuity signature facial, gives a greater volume of ingredients than any other facial there. This exceptional treatment addresses all of your skin’s needs at once. It takes two hours and costs $250, but it is a treatment that delivers results. Here’s is why we love it: It tackles all skin types. Created for even the busiest lifestyles, it gives you the results you crave in the most relaxing atmosphere. After about two weeks of facial treatments, your skin will be clear, smooth, and glowing. Anyone who desires a flawless complexion will love their results. To give each client a completely customized, relaxing experience, Perpetuity’s skin care treatments incorporate a light cleansing, extraction if necessary, and exfoliation. Next, aromatherapy elements such as essential oils are added to melted wax before being applied to the skin. The proprietary warm wax tent ensures maximum penetration. 

Lactic acid, along with the gentle steam of an oxygenated facial (as opposed to an intense steam sauna) next removes harmful free radicals from deep within the skin. This is followed with soothing botanicals and a personalized prescription of water-like hyaluronic acid serums and ends with a targeted masque brimming with potent, anti-aging, and skin-nurturing ingredients. The skin-healthy benefits of each of the essential oils enhance the stimulation of circulation, aid in the reduction of inflammation, and optimize skin health. The client is then covered in blankets for 10–15 minutes to permit the masque time to penetrate and target specific skin ailments. After this, another 10 minutes of detailed extraction and a customized treatment serum treatment seals the deal!

Dermaplane Facial

Dermaplane Facial is a procedure in which a skilled technician uses a scalpel to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. It is also known as the Dermaplaning procedure. Dermaplaning is more effective as compared to a laser peel or a dermabrasion. With dermaplaning, the desired depth can be safely controlled because the scalpel cuts at a 90-degree angle to the skin surface. There is no vaporization of the skin involved. It is also known as skinsculpting or skin resurfacing. It offers several advantages, but only when it is done correctly. It removes the outermost layer of your skin and makes your body absorb essential nutrients. It also enhances collagen production, so that the skin becomes tighter and healthier. It helps in reducing acne blemishes and skin impurities. Immediately after the procedure, you can expect your skin to look smooth, healthy, and vibrant. The effects typically last up to two weeks.

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