Why Part-Time Writing Jobs Are Perfect For Students

Part-time writing jobs are something that anyone who has a passion for writing can do, but there is important info you need to know before starting. You might think freelance writing isn’t for you, however, if you’re a student then you might be more suited to a part-time writing job than you thought. In this article, we will look at what it takes to be a successful part-time writer, why freelance writing is perfect for students and how to find a part-time writing job for yourself.

What Does a Part-Time Writing Job Entail?

A business that regularly creates content will usually have its own team just for content creation. But that doesn’t mean they won’t still be looking for freelance writers to provide extra online content. A freelance writer will focus on contacting businesses and websites and offering relevant content that will benefit both the company and the writer. 

When writing for a business, the content needs to be of benefit to the audience of the company. Which can mean writing a variety of texts from social media writing to research papers, or even videogames and beauty essays. Freelance and part-time writers will usually get paid by the number of completed pieces per month.

You write more, you earn more, and you will have the added benefit of improving your writing skills and opening up many career doors for the future. Freelance writers can even take on official part-time roles like copywriters and technical writers if a company wants them to write more for the business. This is a more consistent method of earning money if that interests you.

Why Writing Jobs Suit Students

So why are part-time writing jobs perfect for students? Well for starters, they compliment the student lifestyle perfectly. Students are constantly writing papers and reports for their classes and exams, and over the course of their degree get faster and better at writing. Now, what if there was a job where students could use their writing skills for their own benefit? Freelance writing will improve students writing skills even further too, an important skill in many fields.

Furthermore, having any kind of writing role would be beneficial to future employability for students. An academic role like a writer looks great on a CV and gives students many important soft and hard skills we’ll come back to later. Taking up freelance work demonstrates to future employers that you are hardworking and passionate about your work, which will do you a world of good in your application process.

Another benefit for students is the income they can make from a part-time writing job. The uni lifestyle can be too expensive for many students, so taking up a writing job and using the skills you use on your degree to make money should be a no brainer. Students will be able to make the money they need from the comfort of their room without having to resort to tiresome physical labour.

Working freelance or part-time also gives students a massive amount of flexibility. They can choose the hours they want to work and the time they want to study, so the role won’t affect their education. It’s also remote, meaning you can work the role from your bedroom in your pyjamas and don’t have to sacrifice time travelling and scheduling where you need to be.

Finally, students will benefit from a writing job by expanding their horizons. By writing about a range of new and different topics, students will be able to educate themselves and explore subject matters they wouldn’t have without the job. Students who do part-time writing will come out of University more adapted to the office environment as a result of their wider multicultural knowledge.

What You Will Need For A Writing Job

So know you’re considering the benefits of a part-time writing role as a student, what will you actually need to successfully become one?  Luckily, not very much. With the following 5 things, you should be good to go:

  • A Laptop: Pen and paper just won’t cut it in the modern world. To reach out to contacts and quickly share your work, a laptop is a must. It doesn’t need to be a high-end fancy model, but you will need a writing programme like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If you are unable to get ahold of a laptop. Try using a public computer to get started and save the money you make to buy your own device.
  • Reliable internet connection: With an online and remote role like freelance writing, reliable internet is a must. Along with a stable connection, make sure to make use of the free writing tools the internet now provides. There are hundreds of thousands of reference materials in online libraries, and spell checking and grammar tools could be a lifesaver for keeping up professionalism in your work
  • A Quiet Space: It’s highly unlikely that your best work will come in a noisy, distracting environment, so make sure to find a quiet spot to do your articles. If your lacking inspiration in your bedroom, then a change of scenery might also help. A nice spot in a library or local coffee shop could bring that inspiration your after.
  • Determination: All of the above will give you the resources you need to begin freelance writing but you also need mental determination to do it successfully. The outreach and writing process will have lots of success and failures and your determination to succeed is what will carry the best through it. This isn’t the only skill you need to succeed in a part-time writing job though…

Skills Needed To Succeed In a Writing Job

Other than the determination to spread your content far and wide and succeed, there are other skills every freelance writer needs. 

  • Time management: In a freelance or part-time role, you have complete control over your schedule. How you balance work and education is up to you and having good time management is a must to be successful in both. Meeting g the deadlines you agree with clients is imperative,  there’s nothing worse than a freelance writer who constantly turns in pieces late.
  • Accuracy: As a writer, you sometimes will have to follow exact instructions on a requested piece, and how well you deliver quality work that the client is happy with is a major learning curve that will take a lot of practice. If you are accurate to their demands, you are likely to get more work from them.
  • Diligence: Taking care in your writing will be key to your longevity as a writer. You should take care to improve your writing skills as your progress, focus on improvement and becoming a better writer, and be wary to avoid plagiarism, accidental or not.

How To Apply For a Writing Job

If you’re going to start applying to roles and reaching out for more, you need to come prepared. Begin by building a short portfolio of your best writing pieces or even start your blog to show future clients your writing styles and strengths. As always with job applications, make your CV and cover letter as strong as possible, you want it to be instantly obvious to employers that you are enthusiastic and suitable for the role.

When looking for freelancing opportunities, the best method is scouring the internet. Check out your local listings, your university’s job board, or job platforms like StudentJob. Once you get your first gig, you’ll be on your way to making some serious money and opening up doors to loads of future career opportunities. Good luck!