Why Nigerians love Big Brother Naija


Big Brother Nigeria is one of the most popular reality TV shows in Nigeria. This reality show is the most watched on Nigerian television. Nigeria has never seen such a popular reality TV show before. The reality show (Big Brother Naija) has also taken a big place on social media. Although it is a TV-based content format, it has become a hot-button topic among fans. There are many more reality TV shows in Nigeria, but they have no major leader in the audience.  The Big Brother Naija program raises a lot of questions in the minds of many listeners; it still holds the same top spot. This article is based on why Big Brother Naija reality TV show is so popular among Nigerians.

Big Brother Naija

As Big Brother Naija is a reality TV show, there is a lot more interest in the audience. Those who participate in this TV show are the real characters of the leaders. During the show, real people are put in an extraordinary situation, and everything has to be matched naturally. Their every moment is recorded when they are usually outside. Here participants report reactions around their normal environment.

The idea for the first reality television programming originated in the United States in 1948. And the Alan Font series introduced clear cameras that received a wide following from the audience. Since then, reality TV shows have been launched in other parts of the world. Eleven years later, the award winners were announced in the second season of the program. The victory was the premiere of FEGB, which surprised many. Since the Big Brother Naija program has been in full swing. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Season Six.

Opinions about Big Brother Naija are deeply analyzed, and the show has received the most criticism. Because the program featured nudity and obscene scenes, the show became much more critical. But the producers also introduced rich content in programs that explored health, religion, culture, and education issues that Nigerians loved.

Why is Big Brother Naija so famous?

It is a television program format and a form of television program that can educate, enlighten, and entertain every listener. This is the difference between these television programs. We know that the established format of broadcasting on television is drama, news, musical instruments, interviews, broadcasting, documentaries, magazine talk show programs, etc. However, the current Fed programming is underway on Nigerian television.  But all the other reality TV shows in Nigeria are MTN’s Project Fame, Glow Naija sings, Nigerian Idol, and Nigeria’s Got talent.

Talent is sought through the Big Brother Naija program, which is considered a television talent show.  Here the talent is selected by dividing it into two parts, presenting this talent through the judging of the audience and the jazz panel. The actual talent is found through the decisions of the panel of judges and the votes of the audience contestants.

Last words:

Big Brother Naija is a program that creates a lot of interest for everyone to watch. People of almost every age in Nigeria are eager to watch the show. The Big Brother Nigerian reality television show has so far retained its popularity equally and has received a lot of support from the audience.