Why NetSmart Electronic Health Records Software?

If you are a medical practitioner, you will know how challenging and competitive medical practice has become in the twenty-first century. Patients come with high expectations, and there may be hundreds of medical facilities out there that do what you do and do it better! To ensure your office keeps running, one thing you can do is get your hands on an electronic health record (EHR) software program. An EHR allows medical practitioners to streamline workflow, take better care of patients, and organize their practice. And in comes the NetSmart EHR software

The NetSmart software program is an electronic healthcare technology that serves medical practitioners and staff ranging from doctors to nurses to front desk management to administrators to even technicians. Touted as a revolutionary tool, NetSmart has been designed to change the way hospitals and clinics operate and organize. Read on to find out how the NetSmart EHR software can make your practice easier!

NetSmart EHR Features

Cloud-Based Facilities

One of the most prominent benefits of the NetSmart EHR software is that it is cloud-based. Because of this service, NetSmart is able to keep its operating system and databases updated and in shape at all times. Data never goes unavailable at any time of the day. A 24/7 service is a guaranteed feature of the program. 

Not only this, but NetSmart also provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities so that users may be able to find it easy to host all of their business applications. This facility allows for users to be free of concerns regarding system security of information. By dealing with such a significant problem so effectively, NetSmart enables practitioners to focus all of their time and energy on enhancing the quality of their services.


NetSmart is composed of various patient care coordination solutions. These care solutions are designed to connect medical facilities to a large network of providers. This software ensures that data is kept secure and is safely shared across the local health information exchanges (HIEs). NetSmart EHR software is dedicated to providing value-based and integrated care. NetSmart goes a step further and boasts of a care system that is consumer-driven. It does so through its integration with the Netsmart CareRecords™, which ensures a productive and safe interaction between care providers and customers.


Talk of integration necessitates the mention of another useful NetSmart feature that immediately follows – interoperability. The NetSmart system makes everything simpler and more streamlined for organizations by centralizing the point where health information is exchanged between providers and organizations. This centralization allows for an organized and transparent exchange of crucial information (such as HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 compliant information). Medical data is automatically transported into the program and is presented accurately for the use of patient care.

Consumer Engagement & Accessibility

The NetSmart software solution is web-based that enables individuals to be connected to their treatment in a secure and simple manner. Consumers are engaged securely and effectively through NetSmart’s integration with the Netsmart CareRecords™. Customers are able to obtain easy and effortless access to all of their health information in its entirety so as to get a more holistic view of their health condition. Customers can also schedule appointments, follow-up sessions, receive reminders, test results, and prescription details. This organizes crucial information for both the doctor and the patient, allowing for greater trust between the two. As has been proven over time, building trust in the healthcare facility compels the patient to choose the same facility again when need be. And that is what keeps an office running!


Becoming data-driven has become an essential ingredient of running a successful organization. The NetSmart top EHR software is well equipped in determining and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), which in turn enables organizations to be data-driven. In addition, NetSmart provides the facility of a dashboard. These dashboards come with a tracking tool that allows for management leads to supervise the larger organizational goals and progress status. This feature allows clinicians to keep a check on the staff and make sure that they get work done on time.

NetSmart EHR Pricing

NetSmart EHR pricing is reasonable and can be customized according to the customized needs put forth by the organization. To get your hands on a pricing quote, head over to the NetSmart website and request one! 

User reviews cite NetSmart is not only affordable but also one of the very few software programs out there that live up to their price.

NetSmart EHR Reviews

NetSmart EHR reviewers have overwhelmingly positive remarks to give for the software’s ease of use. The software has been cited as flexible and intuitive. Users have commented on having their medical practice being significantly affected for the better. Some users have identified certain items here and there missing icons and a few glitches that were resolved over time. All in all, NetSmart stands to be a popular choice among clinicians.

NetSmart EHR Demo

It is always suggested that customers first go through the demo before they make their final choice. A demo can guide the customer in getting familiar with the intricate details of the feature offered by the software. To get your hands on the NetSmart demo, head over to their website and request one!

Our Two Cents

To keep your office running, you need to make sure that you have everything in your facility to attract new patients and retain old ones. There are many software programs out there, but perhaps very few match up to the ease and flexibility offered by the NetSmart EHR software. NetSmart has blessed the billing staff with an automated system that helps make previously menial and tedious tasks now easy to perform. It provides clinicians with impressively detailed patient health records so that they may be able to serve their needs more effectively than ever before. So if you are looking to improve the way your facility operates, we recommend you give NetSmart a shot!