Why My Window AC Stopped Cooling Just After Servicing?


Window AC is a cheap and economical solution for bachelors or couples living in small rented apartments. Its price is nearly 3/4th of that of a split AC. It also does not require much maintenance like a central or split AC.

Temperature is rising and summers are coming; observing this you call your local AC man for servicing your AC. He has done his job and now you suddenly came to know that your AC is not cooling enough or not working properly. Poor cooling is a common aircon problem which one may have to face.

There can be many reasons which can cause your AC to malfunction.

1. Gas Leakage

Now you got your AC serviced, in hurry the service person or you do not checked its cooling properly.  Now they are gone and you are thinking this is their fault. It is possible that there was a gas leakage in the previous season and it was leaking throughout the offseason. Gas does not leak in an instant, it leaks slowly over time. If there is a gas leakage then it is not their fault. Call them or call a good AC company to check for any leakage.

2. PCB Damage

It is possible that the service people have damaged the PCB of the AC. It controls the cooling cycles and other settings of AC. They must have applied too much pressure at the time of pouring water for cleaning.

3. Compressor Motor Damage

Like the PCB, this can also get damaged if too much pressure and force was exerted during the cleaning process. It can also get damaged by flooding.

4. Water inside the Compressor, Accumulator or Coil

While it is unlikely that water will get inside the compressor or accumulator but it can get via the coiling if it has any leakage.

Once water gets inside the compressor, it will get damaged. To protect the compressor from water, the accumulator is attached with it. This only allows gas to pass through.

Compressor is the heart of any refrigeration process. If this stops the entire system fails.

5. Improper Cleaning

With time mold and mildew can form inside the window AC condenser part. AC service people may clean the AC from outside properly but may not clean the insides properly and thoroughly.

If there is mold formation on the condenser coil or fins then this will restrict the airflow. The mechanism of refrigeration starts from the outside part of AC. First hot air must be thrown out from the condenser then cold air can be produced inside your room via an evaporator coil. If there is mold formed on the condenser it will restrict the airflow and the cooling efficiency will degrade or may even stop.

Wrapping UP

Regular servicing of your air conditioner is crucial for its performance and longevity. It is better to call an expert for servicing your window AC rather than local noobs.