Why ML is an important skill to succeed in Data science?

Machine Learning (ML) is one of the most important sub-areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Thanks to ML that today we have machines who can perform without explicit programming and can learn, grow and develop all by itself when being fed with Data. At a time when an enormous amount of digital data is being generated at a fast pace, technologies like ML are making our world smarter and better.

Importance of ML in Data science

Data science is all about untapping the great potential of data so that decision making can be more efficient. However, when data scientists have to deal with massive data sets of heterogenous nature, it can be a very difficult task. Especially now as quintillion bytes of data are being generated and captured thanks to a rapid increase in digitalization and the advent of IoT.

ML provides automatic solutions for analysis of huge chunks of data as systems with the help of ML can take care of data analysis by themselves without the need of human supervision. Thus, data scientists take the help of ML for digging out crucial information from enormous data sets. The method is not only fast but also very efficient at the same time because it has been observed that machines in this regard some times work better than their human counter parts.

Let us take a look at an example: –

  • Use of ML in cancer prognosis and prediction
    Prognosis and prediction of cancer has been a difficult task for researchers since long. Although a massive amount of data was already available yet utilizing it was time consuming and often lead to dead ends.

In comes data scientists with ML skills and a massive progress has been made in creating efficient tools to help doctors with the timely prognosis and prediction of cancer. The application of ML in Bio-Informatics has gained much traction and this is the reason why the healthcare sector is seeing massive demand for ML experts!

Should you opt for Machine Learning courses in India?

Alone with the world India too is witnessing massive digital transformation across industries. Data science and analytics has become indispensable for businesses as no one wants to stay behind in the race of using data driven strategies for continuous growth. From using chatbots for 24*7 customer support to introducing highly efficient recommendation systems to providing a secure platform for financial transactions, ML is vital. As a result, the demand for ML skills has been continuously increasing in Indian cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune.

Moreover, a Machine Learning course in India will not only increase your employability but also let you earn anything between Rs 700K to 900K!