Why Meridian Fitness is the Best Health Club & Spa in Town

Meridian Fitness offers the most elite services in Greenwich at affordable prices. In addition, we never compromise on quality. Our team maintains discipline and a hygienic environment with complete responsibility. However, these are the basic requirements which customers demand from a fitness centre. Customers always prefer Meridian Fitness because the company has consistently fulfilled customers’ expectations. They believe that it is the best health club & spa in Greenwich.

What packages does Meridian Fitness offers?

Meridian Fitness offers three different kinds of deals, those are:

  • Meridian Off Peak
  • Meridian Platinum
  • Meridian Classic

The deals mentioned above include gym access, HIT studio access, sauna room access, class access, and steam room access. Limitations of access, timing, pricing, and flexibilities in the agreement are the major differences among these packages. Meridian off-peak is a good option for students because it is more affordable than the others. People who want to have unlimited access to the sauna room then they should choose Meridian Platinum. However, for professional athletes who want to build a strong and healthy relationship with the gym then, Meridian classic is perfect for them. Customers can cancel their classic deal but they must notify the management one month earlier.

Kids fitness programs in Meridian Fitness

Meridian Fitness offers different programs for Kids. We specially organize Aerial Yoga, boxing, Taekwondo, and ballet classes for children. We offer three different packages for children, those are:

  • Meridian Kids Basic
  • Meridian Kids Advanced
  • Meridian Platinum

In the basic package, we offer 1 class per week; in the advanced package, we offer two classes for children weekly. And in the platinum package, your child attends 3 classes in a week.

What is special in the spa treatments of Meridian Fitness?

Meridian fitness also offers the best spa treatments in Greenwich. Our treatments will rejuvenate your skin and increase its freshness. We never compromise on the product quality we apply to our customers’ faces. There are different types of facial services. For example, biotech facial, anti-blemish mattify, calm, sensitive skin soother, and biotech blemish control. Our professionals recommend the one which is suitable for your skin. However, our spa treatments are not only for a specific gender. We offer bio-tec superchargers for men and high-performance skin energizers. These services provide great relief from stress and restore your skin’s energy.

Why choose Meridian Fitness?

Meridian Fitness has gained massive popularity among the people of Greenwich because of its consistent performance. In addition, promoting healthy life is the motto of our business. We need you to be dedicated and committed to achieving fitness goals. Indeed, the instructions of our professional fitness instructors will help you in a magical transformation.