Why Marketing Automation Makes Sense for Your Ecommerce Business?

Marketing automation has become extremely popular in the past decade. It is no longer a solution reserved for major corporations. The emergence of powerful and affordable automation software has made it possible for every modern business to leverage it to grow.

If you are still not tried marketing automation, your eCommerce business is missing out. Just think about having to spend less time on daily marketing activities and yielding better results. That is exactly what it can do for you and more.

Since 75 percent of marketers reported using at least one type of marketing automation solution for managing their online store, you need to read on to find out why marketing automation is necessary.

What is Marketing Automation?

Before we take a close look at the reasons behind the importance of marketing automation, it is important to know what marketing automation is. It is a system that effectively speeds up, streamlines, and simplifies routine marketing processes across all channels.

Reasons Why Marketing Automation is Important for Your Ecommerce Business

1. Saves Time

One of the main reasons why your eCommerce business needs to consider marketing automation is because it helps save time. Your team will benefit from time savings every day. That would help provide a ton of extra time that could be better utilized.

As the daily chores would be taken care of, the marketing department would get to be truly creative. The marketing team will get more time to develop a killer strategy to boost sales.

2. Personalized Experience

Another reason marketing automation makes sense is that it enables you to establish rapport with customers. Automation is a hit in functional areas like digital marketing services, operational management, and employee management systems precisely for the personalization it offers.

This would help generate more sales. You can utilize the tool for reaching out to customers in a personalized manner. An example of the opportunity presented by marketing automation includes the sending out of personalized emails that are behaviorally triggered. Thus, you get to provide highly personalized customer service.

Addressing customers with their names and remembering important dates to boost loyalty only touches the surface of what you can do.

3. Advanced Reporting and Testing

Refine your marketing campaign with advanced reporting and testing. Marketing automation provides you with valuable insights that enable you to modify campaigns based on the needs of your target audience.

See where you are exactly going wrong to make necessary changes with the help of automation tools. They let you iron out the creases for unprecedented success.

4. Reduced Staff Costs

In addition to the above, marketing automation reduces staff costs considerably. As hours would be saved, you would not need to hire many staff members for performing repetitive tasks. Instead, you get to employ only the best team members who actively grow the company.

5. Increased Revenue

A notable reason to invest in eCommerce marketing automation is increased revenue. It not only saves you valuable time and money but also generates more revenue. The increase in the revenue is possible with cross-selling and up-selling.

Send personalized product recommendations to customers and target them with personalized social ads to inform them about what they should purchase. It will keep sales up.

6. Reduction in Cart Abandonment

Marketing automation also reduces cart abandonment. This means that you get to recover lost revenue. The latest tools enable you to send automated cart abandonment emails to remind customers to make a purchase.

The truth is that there is a possibility that a large number of customers have never made it through checkout. Sales Cycle reported that about 75.6 percent of customers left their carts in 2018 which is why you must give automation a try.

7. Increased Scalability

A crucial advantage of marketing automation that you cannot ignore is increased scalability. It allows for exponential growth without putting the organization at risk of mismanagement.

As your company scales, you need a solution that handles the influx of customers, minimizes growing pains, and organizes the campaigns. Marketing automation is the most effective option for keeping the business on track.

8. Remain Competitive and Relevant

One of the most difficult things that every eCommerce business needs to think of is staying competitive and relevant.

Installing marketing automation allows you to stay ahead of the competition. It ensures that you do not get left behind. You can utilize its wealth of resources to outperform competitors.

9. Improved Customer Service

With marketing automation, you can also expect to improve customer service. Winning customers should be on the top of your mind. When you satisfy customers and make them happy, you get to reap a ton of benefits.

An improved customer experience will make your target audience feel appreciate which will help make them feel more connected with your brand. Whenever there is a sale, loyal customers want to be the first ones to know. Through automation, you get to do exactly that.

10. Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value

As customers would be happier with your brand, you would have an easier time retaining them and fostering a longstanding relationship with them.

Research shows that 44 percent of customers are repeat buyers after they receive a personalized experience. It should be reason enough to invest in automation.

By using the latest tools, you get to keep customers coming back. Therefore, you benefit from increased customer lifetime value.

11. Target Customer across Multiple Channels

There is more to marketing automation than just email. In addition to automating your email campaigns, you get to target customers across multiple channels. For instance, you get to automate the PPC campaigns, third-party platform integrations, and social media marketing.

12. Improved Scheduling and Organization

Finally, you also get to fine-tune details of the campaigns in advance with improved scheduling and organization capabilities.

You can use the latest solution for setting up an entire season of social media posts, email marketing campaigns, PPC campaigns, and more to maintain consistency.


The eCommerce business market has grown considerably, and it has resulted in intense competition. It is due to this reason that you need to be one step of the competition.

From saving time to improved scheduling, the abovementioned reasons should help you understand the potential of marketing automation.


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