Local SEO: Why Is It Trending In Today’s Business World?

Local Search Engine Optimization is a branch of SEO that started in 2003 to offer more visibility to local businesses. Over time with the launch of Google maps, plus box, Google My Business, Google Local, and Google Street Views, local businesses have developed and gained much exposure. Additional information like business opening and closing are listed on Google maps that offer enhanced user experience. Search engines optimize the search for local utilities or so-called brick-and-mortar businesses. On-page optimization, link building, and content are a part of local SEO. The main focus is to ensure that all the local signals remain consistent and accurate across Google’s local search landscape.

Here in this article, we have given a detailed insight into the importance of Local SEO in the business world. Read on to learn more!

What is Local SEO?

This is a part of SEO that optimizes the website for more convenient use for local searches. This enhances the exposure of local businesses and helps users with a list of best options. Local SEO streamlines the searches for users in a way that helps the local businesses to market their products online for their nearby customers.
The searches go this way:

  • doctors near me
  • Lawyers near me
  • Plumbers near me

Why is Local Search important for business?

Local SEO improves customer experience, but the question arises why is it so important to business? Let’s learn why!

Google Maps are preferred mostly by internet users to locate a business:

According to statistics and research, it is found that nearly 86% of people look for local businesses on Google maps. Optimizing your Google Business page ensures that your customers find you easily. Local SEO enhances the business ranking in Google, and therefore, it is important to update accurate information regarding your business and update them periodically. Most internet users prefer to opt for the searches that rank first or second. Those businesses that will show up in the first few searches will tend to capture a bigger consumer market than others. Hence, updating the business data for customers for local searches is vital.

Most people tend to visit the local business found online:

Presume your mobile is malfunctioning and you need to visit a service center urgently. You stay within 5 miles of the city, and you can afford that more time to visit a service center located at a faraway position. What do you do now? You would obviously lookout for options near your location. Rather 72% of internet users prefer this option. To make the traffic your potential customers, local businesses need to deliver all the vital information on their homepage and the contact page. This includes where the business is located, products or services they are offering, opening and closing time, the number of working days, etc.

Local Mobile Internet search is a significant part of today’s business world:

The online search in mobile devices has spiked up significantly that influences over 1 trillion population. Moreover, internet users prefer to communicate with local businesses if the business website is mobile-friendly. This proves that websites need to be optimized according to mobile devices to cater to the needs of mobile users. This can be done by creating mobile-friendly pop-up and business apps, improving loading speed, and enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). You can test whether your website is mobile-friendly or not with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Local SEO plays a key role in improving the Google Map Ranking of your business:

As already discussed, Google ranking helps to boost website traffic and helps to get more customers for a local business. You must ensure that your website is optimized for Google Maps as most customers look for local businesses on Google maps. You can optimize your website by verifying your Google My Business page. Include schema markup in your website and optimize your homepage to improve ranking. Build authoritative citations, backlinks, and niche local business citations to validate your business location to optimize the search results. Google My Business subcategory helps to compete for specific categories in local searches that improve Google ranking.

Is Local SEO effective and efficient?

If you are not able to decide whether to opt for local SEO or not, then take it for sure that it is worth your investment. Local SEO is more effective in drawing website traffic than social media sites. If you are a business owner and wondering which is the best option to promote your business, then Local SEO would be a rewarding choice.

Local mobile searches lead to conversion for the majority of traffic:

According to most of the research, online research tends to be offline purchases. The user looks for a particular product at a specific location and prefers buying the product locally if possible. Therefore, it is always beneficial to create pages for multiple business locations. Also, if you have multiple products then create separate pages for each to complete product-specific ranking to boost your business growth and revenue.

Due to the innumerable benefits of Local SEO like enhanced visibility, ranking, ratings, conversion rates, retention of customers, etc., this has been trending in the current business market for a while. But as per various studies done, with the proliferation of smart devices, local SEO is heading towards a paradigm shift. Although it is still a mystical topic for many businesses, most of them have embraced this, and many are trying to pace up with this modern tool to upgrade their business. Local SEO is a hot topic in the current business world, and with passing time Local SEO will become an inevitable part of businesses


Sally Clason is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger. She has hands on experience in operations, digital marketing and business development in the technology industry.