Why Liverpool is a great city for students

Students come from all over the world to study in Liverpool.

And not just for the degree. 

Liverpool is a great location for students.

From clubs and bars, to museums and theatres to coffee shops and plenty of places to shop.

The city has a vibrant and diverse culture, more social spaces and places to chill out for students to discover.

It’s such an exciting area to be a student in. 

10 reasons why Liverpool is a great city for students to study in


From L1 to Bold Street, Liverpool’s range of shops cater for everyone. 

Whether it’s new trainers, makeup or crystals, you’ll find your new favourite shop in Liverpool. 

Obviously money is limited when you’re studying.

But with a variety of charity and vintage shops, you can find the latest trends on a budget. 


Liverpool’s eclectic collection of bars and clubs are scattered around the city. 

Try Concert Square for a lively, social atmosphere.

Or head to Lark Lane for independent pubs and an after lecture drink.  

Whatever vibe you’re after, you’ll find the place for you.

And if you’re not one for bars and clubs, there’s plenty of well known and independent coffee shops where you can get a caffeine hit instead.


It’s hard to walk around Liverpool without going ‘wow what’s that smell!’. 

Every corner you turn there seems to be another cafe or restaurant. 

Try Duke Street Market or The Baltic Market for independent food stalls.

Or visit Liverpool One for chain restaurants and outdoor bars.


Liverpool is known for its diverse range of people and how it caters for them.

You’re bound to find someone just like you to explore the city with. 

Are you an art lover? 

Why not visit the range of galleries near the Royal Albert Dock for exclusive exhibitions and permanent displays.

Try the Museum of Liverpool if you want to get a better look at the history of the city you’re studying in.

Or head to the World Museum or Walker Art Gallery for some amazing exhibits.

Budget friendly 

If you’re not great with money but are coming to Liverpool for university, don’t worry. 

Bars and clubs recognise the student culture within the city, so often host student nights.

This means cheap drinks and a good time. 

The city offers a lot of free experiences, such as art exhibitions at the local galleries and frequent outdoor light displays.

A great way to make new friends and explore the city centre.

The University of Liverpool puts the cost of living as a student in the city at between £8,500 and £10,500 a year.

Student accommodation 

Student accommodation in Liverpool is varied and there’s something for everyone across the entire city.

From student halls in the heart of the city centre to private, affordable lettings a little further afield you’ll have no worries finding the perfect place to stay during your studies.

If you want modern designs but have a low budget, have a look at Caro Lettings for your student accommodation this year. 

In excellent locations all around Liverpool, you’re only walking distance from both the lecture theatres and your favourite club. 


Every other building in the city centre is filled with a rich history. 

When you’re all settled into your accommodation, have a look at some of Liverpool’s famous museums. 

Whether you want to discover world history, the story of The Beatles or how Liverpool came to be what it is today, there’s something for you. 

Many of these offer free exhibitions or cheaper tickets for students. 

Good Universities 

The University of Liverpool is part of the Russell Group, producing more than two-thirds of world-leading research, with some of the highest quality staff. 

Liverpool John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University are recognised as some of the most ambitious and unique universities in the UK. 

Although they are the main ones you hear about, Liverpool also has a variety of specialised universities for everything from Architecture to Dentistry.

You’ll be sure to find the right one for you.


Whether you’re a blue or a red, Liverpool has all the merch shops and sports pubs ready for you.

With the grounds being located in the heart of the city, you’re never far from a football match.


Liverpool’s synonymous with world leading music – do we even need to remind you it’s where The Beatles are from?

And that trend continues today with great music and the number of venues around the city proving this. 

From smaller venues such as The Arts Club and Jimmy’s, to iconic buildings like the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Liverpool Arena. 

Singers and bands, big and small, come from all over the world to play at some of the most established places in Liverpool, so there’ll always be a gig to go to. 

So there you have it.

10 reasons why Liverpool is one of the best cities in the UK to go to uni.

Whether you’re a future or an existing student in Liverpool, you’re going to love it.