Why LEDs have flooded the market and their popularity is steadily increasing?

LED lights have revolutionized home lighting because of a number of benefits. Not only do you benefit from more efficient lighting, but you also reduce your overall costs in the long run. Because the purchase price of LED bulbs seems a little higher, some people don’t think they are the most cost-effective option. However, this is not the case. In fact, you can save a lot of money by simply switching to LED bulbs for all of your household needs. You can also search for best LED lights price in Pakistan.

Why LEDs have flooded the market?

  1. This makes it clear, if you too are planning to use this technology and replace your lighting system with LED bulbs, there are many factors to consider before you decide to do so. First and foremost, you should choose a reputable supplier like Visual Led to guarantee the quality of the equipment you get. No expense should be spared when working with a reputable supplier, as it guarantees the basic quality of the LED lights.
  2. Below, this article discusses the important points that should not be ignored when you are in the market for the best collection of LED bulbs.


The most important thing to consider when buying LED bulbs is how bright you want the light to be. To do this, you need to estimate the area to be illuminated to determine the number of bulbs and their individual light intensity. This is a very important factor, as the right light intensity ensures that the desired performance is achieved.

Lighting intensity

When choosing lighting intensity, not only the size of the room is taken into consideration, but also factors such as the activity being performed. If the activity requires precision and concentration, the lighting equipment used should be of high quality. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right LED lamps to illuminate the room well.

Lamp Installation

Before you go to the store to choose an LED bulb, you should also find out what type of wall light fixture you have installed. This is to make sure that the bulb doesn’t dangle around and runs smoothly. Typically, an Edison screw and a bayonet are two common types of wall fittings that buyers should look out for.

Fitting Visual

Although the two types of fittings are visually different, both have few drawbacks. You can make do with both available in your area, as long as you don’t have to use them interchangeably.

Suitable Color of LED Bulbs

Since LED bulbs are available in a variety of colours, it’s obvious that a buyer should make an informed decision before going to market. You can choose from a variety of colours depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve. LED lights will not let you down, no matter what colour atmosphere you are aiming for. Moreover, these lights have the ability to change the colour that you can choose when using them to create a party atmosphere.

Color Changing Feature

However, most LED lights do not have a colour changing feature, so you should decide on the colour beforehand. The colour should match the atmosphere you want to create and the activities you want to do in the room.

Colour rendering index (CRI)

You also need to make sure that the objects illuminated by the LED lamp display their colours as realistically as possible. This means that the light source should not cause any deviations in the colour rendering of objects. The higher the colour rendering index of the lamp, the more likely it is that the object underneath it will show its real colour.

LED fixtures

The CRI of lights like LED fixtures is indicated on the packaging so you can tell if they’re right for you or not. Figuratively speaking, fixtures with a CRI of 80-95 are considered adequate. Therefore, you should take care beforehand to choose a lamp that does not deviate too much from the CRI.