Why Join A Franchise With The Laserostop® Company?

The franchise is an agreement between two companies, the franchisor and the franchisee. Through such a contract, the franchisor grants the franchisee the right to market its products in exchange for direct or indirect compensation. Adopted by more and more entrepreneurs, it is a very simple and quite beneficial business creation system. Here you can discover the advantages of being a Laser0stop franchisee.

What are the strengths of the laserOstop® group?

LaserOstop® is a company specializing in smoking cessation treatment. It represents an essential pioneer in this field in France. It stands out from the competition, above all thanks to its patented and unique materials, but also CE & NF compliant. Thanks to its exclusive technology, Laser0stop offers its customers a 100% natural and safe laser smoking cessation that allows them to stop smoking without gaining weight.

The particularity of its technology lies in the fact that weaning takes place in one session. She has now to her credit more than 1000 smoking cessations in one year. In addition, you should know that this group has a network of franchise networks already comprising 32 centers in France & Switzerland. 

This makes it the franchise presenting the 1st stop-smoking treatment network in Europe. These impressive assets have earned laserOstop® major contracts such as the one for the first tobacco-free military barracks in France ( 1st foreign regiment). Taking all this into account, you will earn a lot by signing a franchise agreement with laserOstop®.

What are the advantages of laserOstop® franchisees?

Franchising remains to this day one of the best ways to get started in entrepreneurship without taking big financial risks. An entrepreneur who starts his activities as a franchise is in fact more likely to be successful than in the case of an independent business. So creating your franchise business with laserOstop® will give you many advantages.

Awareness of an existing brand when you open your business

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of working with laserOstop®. By signing a franchise contract with the brand, you will benefit from its notoriety, which will boost your business. A significant benefit, because the clientele is already existing and partially acquired.

By being a franchisee, you will be able to combine the advantages of your freelance work with the power of the laserOstop® group. That said, note that you are still your own boss. On the other hand, you will also benefit from communication tools and business relays made available to all franchisees. So you have the possibility of using the brand image of the company to make you customers then to retain them thereafter.

All the know-how of Laser0stop

Know-how is the basis of major brands like laserOstop®. This concept brings together a set of practical information resulting from the franchisor’s experience. Once your franchise contract is signed, you will benefit from a complete training. This allows laserOstop® to provide you with the elements necessary to promote your future point of sale. This step is essential in the process of integration into any Francie network. These training courses can be delivered initially or continuously.

Tailor-made support

Once the franchise contract has been signed, the future franchisee is entitled to support during all the stages of his new adventure. These concern, among others:

  • the development of its business plan;
  • finding a point of sale;
  • the actual opening.

Thus, laserOstop® offers its franchisees regular assistance and follow-up. With such monitoring, franchisees can only feel comfortable on a daily basis.

National and local communication.

Like the brand image, all of the laserOstop® franchisor’s communication actions benefit all its franchisees. This allows them to deploy more notoriety in their respective environments. However, it should be noted that the franchisees themselves take care of their communication at the local level. This, due to the fact that they are more adept at determining the best performing stocks for their outlets.

You therefore have many advantages in becoming a laserOstop® franchisee. So do not hesitate to take this great opportunity to set up a growing business from the start.

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