why Jazz is the best network

are you looking for the best for the 4G network in Pakistan confused between Telenor Zong Ufone or Jazz?

 The basic need of the era 

in this fast-moving error which is more of in digital than of a real-world who can live without having a quality network. It is becoming as much important for the users to have a good internet service just like that of having some quality food to eat ‚ÄúA Good Quality Network.‚ÄĚ

The purpose is writing about a good quality network my perspective is that Jazz is a very good quality network than other telecommunication companies with this consideration know that many among the people are concerned about the best 4G Network the internet speed and connectivity when it comes to buying 4G LTE internet packages.although all the companies offer 3G internet in most areas.

 Jazz as the best network

Jazz is the second-largest 4G network that covers most Urban and suburban cities the way it has been serving if users without an unobstructed network for browsing all the time is the reason for its users increasing everyday weather is Merely about using social media or That of some detailed browsing over the internet the result would be undoubtedly users induction satisfaction is formerly known as Mobilink that Jazz company was founded in 1994 as a joint venture between Saif group and Motorola inc. In February 2001 Egypt based Orascom Telecom holding bought Motorola’s shares in Mobilink to become the majority shareholder with 69% control.

Our Journey

since our inception over 25 years ago, we have maintained market leadership and established ourselves as digital thought leaders by  Providing cutting edge integrated communication solutions creating the strongest brand, and offering the largest portfolio of digital value-added services. It is our goal to empower millions more with that tools necessary to progress in an increasingly digital economy from being the first operator to launch SMS in the country to be the first to an exclusive focus on developing a digital policy for Pakistan we are proud of the journey that we have undertaken.

 Jazz Customers

Today with over 95 million Royal customers across thousands of cities we never stray from the foundation of our commitment to connect and empower people whoever it is not only our top-notch technology that has allowed us to become the market leader in the country it is our people with an employer base that is 3000 strong we know that our people are central to our achievements. our people know that while we proudly continued to operate as Pakistan’s leading digital company we must never forget our way to learn from our mistakes and do not become complacent about our success we achieve this by focusing on our core values to ensure all services and sustainability initiatives are a practical display of innovation, truthfulness, collaboration, customer obsession. Customers love jazz packages due to their flexibility of data, call or SMS.

Our Ambition


we are excited to see what the leg of our journey holds for us with the invigorated ambition of leading digital transformation in Pakistan we are exploring new domains from digital financial services to affordable health insurance and emergency services as the Pioneer in thought leadership we have grown to be a company that financially empowers our 6 million people with JazzCash and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon as we continue to add more phrases to our cops by diversifying our portfolio and becoming a technology company, one vision in our journey remains content to always put Pakistan first.


this exponential growth in mobile broadband users especially 4G is significant because that company officially launched its 4G services three years ago this growth correlates to the speed and quality of Jazz next-generation mobile services has backed by the Global leader in mobile and broadband network Intelligence and testing Ookla. The company has received the ookla Speedtest award for the fastest data network in Pakistan 4 times in a row. Also if results from Pakistan telecommunication authority quality of services(QOS) survey from 2018 till date are taken into account they showcase how Jazz 4G network performs consistently nationwide in comparison to other cellular mobile operators.

Jazz Speed

Jazz is almost similar to Zong in terms of speed with minor variations but there are advantages and disadvantages for both Zong network is diverse and has a strong user base whereas Jazz has a relatively the smaller area of coverage, But it has been witnessed that if you travel towards suburban areas the network will be available secondly Jazz 4G packages are the cheapest in the market and Zong is the bit expensive. Another advantage of jazz is their flexible internet packages like work from home package they are offering, make your own bundle. These are the main key features that make jazz prominent in all aspects of telecommunication.