Why Is There Sewage Coming up through The Bathtub?

Swage coming through your bathtub is more than gross. It proposes a major health risk. It contains many germs and bacteria, which can be very dangerous for children and adults. 

Even though you did not expect to see sewage coming up through your bathtub, its presence in the same is not impressive. So, it is not only necessary to know why sewage forms in the bathtub but also how to get rid of this. So, if you want to know the reason you see sewage and how to prevent it from coming, this article can be very helpful for you.

What does the sewer line do?

Your home’s bathtub sinks, shower drains, and toilet connects to one or more large drains that carry water and sewage to the line. The sewer line is essentially run in from your home. If the sewer line is clogged or blocked, then you call the plumber to fix it. If you cannot take any steps, the water cannot freely move away from your property, causing sewage. At this time, call a reliable plumber from Fairfield to fix the sewer line. 

How does the bathtub sewer line become clogged?

Sewer lines can get blocked for many reasons. The presence of tree roots in the sewer line, fallen hair, throwing off food waste, baby wipes, and the formation of grass inside the pipe, etc., can be why the blockage becomes more and more significant over time. As a result, your bathtub pipe can push the sewage into the same, causing it to look dirty and black. 

It is a problem that only a skilled plumber can fix. So we suggest you call a reliable plumber from Sven’s Plumbing & Gas. Here is a look at some of the key causes of sewer line blockage. 

How should you clean a clogged and broken sewer line to prevent sewage from coming?

Harmful bacteria and viruses are found in the sewer. They can pose major risks to your health. Firstly, keep the pipes in check and do not avoid this problem. You can call the plumber or any specialist for this type of problem. Or you can also call a reliable person who does plumbing in Fairfield so they can repair your bathtub.

When you call a plumber, and they arrive at your home, the first thing they do is to inspect. The plumber conducts a camera to inspect the line and identify the source of the problem. Also, they would determine the nature of the blockage and fix the sewer line. Once the pipe is clean or changed, the blockage goes away and solves the problem. 


If you can identify the early symptoms of the sewer line getting blocked, preventing the presence of sewage in your bathtub becomes easy. You will address it too long before. 

Consider the warning. If you notice the water is coming slowly, you may need to be careful. Usually, the lowest drains get affected by dirt, forming sewage inside. So always be careful about these problems and keep your bathtub sewage free!