Why Is Sugar Bad For Your Teeth?

It’s one of the first things we’re told as children: you can’t eat all that candy because it will be bad for your teeth!

Indeed, at a young age, we come to understand just how damaging sugar can be to our oral health. Or, we understand the concept, but we don’t actually learn the science behind it all.

Why is sugar bad for your teeth? When it comes to preventing cavities and tooth decay, why is keeping away from sugar an essential task? Read on and we’ll walk you through all you need to know about sugar and oral health.

Sugar Creates Acid

What happens when you enjoy a sugary treat? Outside of a little bit of a thrill for you, there are some less positive developments occurring within the confines of your mouth.

You have bacteria in your mouth at all times, this is just a scientific fact. Some of these bacteria are even good for you. However, the more harmful bacteria tend to produce a form of acid once they come in contact with high-sugar foods.

These acids have the ability to wear and tear at your teeth. They can destroy tooth enamel, the layer of protection built around each individual tooth in your mouth. Without enamel in place, the acid can attack the tooth directly, wearing it away and even creating holes.

Often, we refer to these holes as cavities. If a cavity is left untreated, it can widen and deepen until the whole tooth is threatened. It can even lead to diseases such as gingivitis. Click here to learn more.

Fighting Tooth Decay

How can you combat these threats? The easiest way to do it just to watch what you eat. Avoid eating sugary foods and drinking sugary drinks as much as possible is the best possible way to avoid tooth decay.

Increasing the number of fruits and vegetables you eat can actually counter-balance your sugar intake and fight off some of the negative bacteria that live in your mouth.

If you do end up having some sugary items, it is advisable that you wash your mouth out with tap water afterward. This can help to get rid of some of the acids that might have been created as a result.

Brushing your teeth twice a day will also be advisable. You should use toothpaste that contains fluoride, which will help to strengthen your teeth enamel and better your teeth.

Last but not least, make sure to visit the dentist at least every few months to get a check-in on your oral health.

Why Is Sugar Bad For Your Teeth?

If you’ve ever wondered — why is sugar bad for your teeth? — the above information can help you understand the science behind everything. Avoiding sugary treats will help you maintain better oral health for years to come.

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