Why Is ShenZhen The Vape Manufacturing Capital of The World?

China is known as the world’s factory, so it may be no surprise that it is the world’s biggest manufacturer and exporter of e-cigarettes and vape devices.

According to the China Electronic Cigarette Chamber of Commerce.

More than 2 million people worked in the industry in 2018, with annual sales worth 33.7bn RMB (around £3.6bn) and exports worth 28.7bn RMB (£3.2bn).

Shenzhen is a city just north of Hong Kong. It is there that around 90% of the world’s e-cigarettes and vaping devices are manufactured. There are about 1,000 factories manufacturing these goods, with thousands more companies making up the supply chain throughout the province of Guangdong.

Shenzhen, the center of Chinese e-cigarette production, has agglomerated thousands of vape enterprises and developed a complete business ecosystem of producers, suppliers, sellers, and competitors.

While many of these companies are focused on manufacturing ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery system) vapes, a significant number of companies specialize in CBD and THC vapes.

These cannabis extract vapes are very similar to ENDS vape pens and share many of the same components. With the ENDS ecosystem already in place, it is understandable why Shenzhen is a hotbed for these newer cannabis vapes.

Driven by the legalization of cannabis, particularly in the USA, the cannabis extracts vape industry is booming and seeing exponential growth year after year.

This comes at a time when a number of health scares and concerns over youth nicotine addiction increasing through the availability of ecigs are leading to clampdowns on flavored ecig juice and ecig devices. All of these conditions have led to many companies diversifying into this newer field. 

One of the first CBD and THC vape companies to see the potential market and switch to this niche is LOOKAH.

LOOKAH, also known as Green Ecigs, started life as an ecig company a little before the turn of the century. But after a decade in the ENDS industry, they took their know-how and innovation in a new direction.

Around the same time, new legislation was on the horizon in the US as it slowly started to legalize the cannabis industry.

This new legislation opened up fresh opportunities that many were keen to explore, and being in the vape ecosystem of Shenzhen gave a distinct advantage.

At first, LOOKAH focused on glass water pipes, utilizing skilled artisans from central China, where glass-making has been happening for over a thousand years.

After building a name and reputation for high-quality Chinese glass, LOOKAH built one of the leading names in glass and vapes today.

With a wealth of talented engineers and an established supply chain for components, the company quickly made a name for itself in the rapidly growing industry.

While many companies focus on OEM or ODM, LOOKAH differentiated itself by building its own brand of dab pen vapes and marketing them to the US directly. This means they can undercut the majority of manufacturers while still researching and developing new devices that offer an ever-growing range of vapes featuring unique designs, superior functions, and better value.

The LOOKAH vapes often incorporate glass for a superior vaping experience. They take design cues from nature and even name many products after animals, such as Unicorn, Swordfish, Seahorse, and Giraffe vape pens. You can see all the latest products on the company’s webpage for the latest in wax vape and dab pen devices.

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