Why Is Placing A Dental Crown Crucial? 

A natural tooth has been divided into two crucial parts, the crown and the root. The crown refers to the top part that is exposed and visible above the gum. The crown is covered with enamel, that save the underlying dentine. 

The second part, the root of a tooth descends below the gum line anchoring the tooth in the mouth. Usually, not following the proper dental hygiene causes the pulp to get collected in the root and damage them. To remove this pulp, the dentist has to create a hole in the crown to get to the root and clean it. Later, when the pulp gets cleaned and everything is corrected in the roots, the dentist needs to put an artificial crown to ensure the tooth safety. 

Placing a crown is quite essential when it comes to root canal treatment. Some people avoid placing a crown, as it doubles the cost of the overall procedure. However, to cure it and ensure the safety of the procedure, one should place a dental crown Huntsville AL

Requirement of dental crown: 

Placing a crown restore strength, functionality, shape, and size of the tooth. Overall, it restores the essence of the natural teeth. 

These are the situation when you should choose to place a dental crown in Huntsville AL. 

  • Ensure the safety of the tooth from further breaking or damaging.
  • To replace an old, broken, or falling tooth filling 
  • To restore a tooth that has already broken. 
  • To restore length or worn-down teeth
  • To cover and support a tooth that has a large filling if there isn’t much natural tooth structure left. 
  • To ensure a cosmetic modification like closing spaces between teeth or reshaping or rotating teeth. 
  • To ensure a cosmetic modification like closing spaces between teeth, or reshaping or rotating teeth 
  • Dental crown Huntsville AL are used to hold dental bridges in place. 
  • Implant expert also uses a dental crown to cover the implant. 
  • Dental crown functions suitably to hold dental bridges in place. 
  • A crown is recommended to restore strength to any tooth that has undergone root canal therapy. 

Dental crown procedure: 

Placing a dental crown varies on the individual case, however we will offer a general overview of what to expect. 

First, the dentist takes an x-ray of the tooth to check the amount of decay. If the decay is major in the tooth or a risk of infection is diagnosed, you would need a root canal treatment. 

Once the treatment is done, the dentist will ask you to wait for one day to receive the appropriate size crown. Also, the procedure of the crown varies depending on whether your crown is going to be made at your dental surgery or in a dental laboratory. 


Dental crown has evolved to many forms since its inception. It ranges from the most affordable rate to the expensive one. Also, you can find the different metal quality. Crowns keep your teeth protected and increased their durability. Dental crown Huntsville AL restore the original tooth shape and doesn’t make you feel awkward while speaking in public and chewing food.