Why is my watch time decreasing? – Everything You Must Know About It!

Do you have a YouTube channel? Wow! It sounds very interesting… But are you tensed about the views and the watch time you get to your videos. With the hours of uploading the videos to the site, there is an effective way through which they view the quality of the video. And the way is looking at the watch time; it is the method through which they come to the result of the video content and the search queries.

 Moreover, watch time is number one among the best video ranking factor. And when you upload the videos it is important to have the success of the video. Well! The channel creators are even facing a problem with watch time. They have a question in their mind that why is my watch time decreasing. So, if you are also facing such a problem then here is the article you are going to know about what exactly is the watch time and how to solve this issue.

Watch time- What does it mean on YouTube?

According to the YouTube site, watch time is the number of times views are spending to watch a particular video. And it is measured according to the creator’s playbook as it is optimized and discovered with the videos in increase or decrease of watch time. Well, watch time is not just measured about how long or with which percentage the video is being watched.

But it is related to something which is involved in stretching the video from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. And along with this, there are many factors that are looked for when we are talking about a particular watch time. Here are some of the factors which the creators are looking for-

  • Estimated minutes the video is watched-

The watch time in which the views are stick to the video is measured and calculated when looked at the actual minutes and seconds. And audience retention is also something that is more closely related as well as measured according to the watch time. A particular time an individual spends on the videos is measured into the watch time and considered the video accordingly.

A high retention rate for an individual video is there with the excellent indicator which tells that it holds the viewer’s attention easily. Watch time is more involved as you are considered in having your video on the perfect YouTube site. Therefore, if you are seeing a decrease in watch time then this is one factor that can easily affect the watch time of the videos.

  • Watch time and AKA session time-

In the videos, it is even important that you must have a high completion rate for the individual videos. But according to YouTube the watch time as per the user session comes in the favor of the algorithm. YouTube’s goal is to keep the viewers that come to watch the videos satisfied. Thus, you must create a video that gains the interest of the viewers easily.

If they don’t find proper content on your video they just skip the videos and don’t spend much of their time. Therefore, this is also another factor that affects the watch time of the videos and as a result, you have less watch time for your videos.

So, watch time is not just how much time the video is watched but it tells about the contribution that the viewers have given in the videos. It is all about the overall time the viewers have to spend watching videos on the site with all their interest.

Well! If you are even having the question of why is my watch time decreasing then you don’t have to worry there are many solutions with which you can optimize the watch time. So, let’s move towards the next section to know all about it.

Tips that optimize your YouTube video watch time

As mentioned earlier in the article- the algorithm nowadays suggests the priority of the videos which are viewed for longer sessions. And if you are facing trouble with the watch time then here are some of the tips which can optimize your video watch time easily. The tips are as follows-

  • Have engaging and entertaining content for the viewers-

When you are making videos and uploading them for the viewers, you must make sure that the content should be engaging. You must consistently create and publish all the quality videos so that the subscribers can easily watch and engage with them. And when the subscribers enjoy watching the videos they share them with other viewers.

This influences the watch time of the video making it the best video for the search result. Beyond creating the best content there are many more practices or even strategies that can drive for greater watch time. It thus engages the viewers for watching the content that you have put forward for them in the video.

  • Select the proper title and thumbnail for the video-

It does not doubt that the great thumbnail and video headline are enough to drive an enormous amount of viewers to the video. However, it is the two things that are critical when you are seeing in the point of SEO that is in your control. The thumbnail provides a proper indication as per the nature of the videos.

Moreover, it is even more critical when you are using the best and most accurate titles and thumbnails that you can. Poor thumbnails will decrease the watch time instead of increasing it in the best way. Thus, you must even look at the title and thumbnail which you are giving to the video uploaded. This attracts a large number of viewers to the channel.

  • Engage in building large YouTube subscribers-

A large number of subscribers to your channel will accumulate with the watch time as per the minutes watched. However, with a large number of subscribers, you can easily increase the way the viewers watch the videos. Therefore, the videos are gaining watch time with the views and interest of the viewers according to the content.

Last takeaways

Thus, these are some of the information that you must know about when you are having the question of why is my watch time decreasing? in your mind. The watch time is fully dependent on the videos that are available and uploaded to the site.

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