Why is my betta fish not moving

Betta is a small and colourful fish of splendens species. Betta fish are usually known as siamese fighting fish and have about 25 species. You can keep this colorful fish species at home in aquariums or tanks, whose beauty will make your mind happy. This beautiful colorful fish has various colors, including blue betta fish and red betta fish. Also, you can find different colors of betta fish due to genetics.

For erythrin, one species turns red, and the erythrin pigment contains a type of cell called chromatophores, making the fish known as red betta fish. Red betta fish usually live for two to five years, but they can live for many more years with a decent amount of good food and a good tank environment. Red betta fish is not a rare fish species; instead, Hellboy betta fish and Galaxy Koi betta are very available red species beta fish.

However, you have to follow several rules to keep the fish in the tank, and there may be times when the fish are not behaving generally as the fish are always supposed to swim in the water. Once the fish is settled, you don’t have to worry. Just like humans, fish need rest. You need to know why the fish are not behaving normally and still in the water.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons betta fish do not move from one place to another.


 There could be ample reasons why your betta fish do not move properly.                                                                                                                               

  • Taking a rest or falling asleep.
  • Inadequate water quality or temperature in the tank.
  • Inappropriate feeding.
  • Betta fish has passed away.


 Betta is Sleeping or Resting:

Sleeping is an essential need of the animal body. Just as humans need rest, betta fish have to sleep to keep their bodies healthy. When the fish are not moving, you need to understand that they are sleeping. Betta fish keep their body fit due to getting enough sleep, and they wake up when you turn on the tank lights or move the water. However, you should not wake up suddenly while the fish is asleep.

 Due to insufficient water quality:

You must be very aware of the water quality when keeping betta fish. Keep in mind that betta fish can usually survive 78 degrees Fahrenheit but will become uninhabitable if the temperature rises above that and drops below 75 or 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Then they cannot eat properly and cannot move from one place to another due to obstruction of their blood flow.

 Inappropriate feeding or illness:

Betta fish should usually be given foods that they can easily digest. If you think your betta fish are not eating enough protein-rich foods, then you can give them small shrimp, daphnia and worms that can easily swallow and digest betta fish.

 Betta fish has passed away:

Betta fish averages life for four years, and when it stops moving for hours, you have to assume that the fish is dead.

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