Why is love so important? Here’s how science explains it

Love is one of the most important vital forces that guide our life.

Love in relationships, love between friends, between parents and children, love for our pets, love for work or passions.

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Love in its most varied forms is a feeling that nourishes our deepest part and allows us to have the right dose of daily motivation .

This inner movement  guides our choices and when we do something for love we can be sure that we will never regret , no matter what the consequence.

We explain to you why love is so important to our life.

What is love according to psychophysiology

Barbara Fredrickson, professor of psychology and psychophysiology at the University of North Carolina, explains that love is the sum of micro moments of connection with other people.

Therefore love is found every time a mental connection is created with someone and we perceive that feeling of pleasant well-being that leads us to want to spend time with that person.

Love is therefore in all those fractions of time in which we want to give the best of us to that person.

How the brain is activated when you love

A study by Cacioppo and collaborators (2012) has shown how love activates the brain areas involved in motivation, in the balance of basic and elevated functions, in sexual desire and emotions.

So you understand well how the feeling par excellence is involved in all areas of our life , its presence is constant and vital for personal well-being.

It is the glue of emotions

If you think about it, love also encompasses all other emotions.

For example, in loving our partner we recognize other emotions such as fear or joy.

Or again when we love someone and we are unrequited, anger and sadness come.

In short, love is so important because in every emotion we always find some.

Love allows you to live longer

The Grant study conducted at Harvard University has been going on for eighty years and has shown that it is love that makes us live better and healthier.

According to several tests conducted on the sample considered, love helps the brain to keep healthy.

The love we are talking about is not necessarily understood as a romantic relationship but also in terms of emotional relationships in the family or in friendship.

In short, it is scientifically proven that every form of love is highly beneficial.