Why is Jim Corbett National Park so admired by visitors?

Jim Corbett Park, to begin with, is one of the oldest National Park in Asia, and also the first National Park of the Indian Subcontinent. The park is more like a forest full of dense trees and wooded hills and grasslands. Not just this, the park is the abode to wild animals, reptiles and birds of various species that are hard to find in the environment that the cities have.

Take a look at this blog to know why you should visit this place full of enchanting and bewildering beauty. 

It is the Oldest National Park- Apart from being the oldest, this park in Asia is named after the British hunter who also turned later a conservationist- Edward James Corbett. He set the base for it and thus even many Jim Corbett hotels and resorts are named after him. All of this started back then in 1936, and the place is primarily famous for Bengal tigers which are otherwise seen rarely now as they are endangered species of tigers now. Because of the same, this is also known as Project tiger or Tiger Reserve.

It is rich in Flora and Fauna- The reserve is spread over a massive area of 521 square Kilometers in Nanital district of Uttarakhand. The forest-like park is quite rich in wildlife and greenery. It is so good that the same is considered equivalent to the great view of Himalayas because of the deciduous forests that are very dense.

Jim Corbett Reserve is divided into five zones that are Dhikala, Jhirna, Sitabani, Bijrani and Dhela zone. The tourists can also choose to stay inside the Jim Corbett Reserve during night time by booking their spots in the Jim Corbett hotels and resorts prior to coming here. However, if you don’t find a booking inside the park, you can go for other accommodations at the outskirts of the park.

It has an astonishing variety of Animals and Reptiles- It is quite easy to spot an amazing range of rarely seen reptiles like Python and birds here are also very vibrant and beautiful. Besides, you also spot animals like elephant, tigers, monkeys and deers easily here while you are on a safari. If you want to do fishing, hiking, angling, you can do that as well, here.

It has beautiful resorts and hotels to stay- There are a lot of options to stay for the visitors of the Jim Corbett Park. You can find accommodations beyond your expectation in the budget yo have set. The difference would only be in the name, that is, economy, and luxury places. You can also try to stay in forest houses as they give you a very homely vibe while being affordable.

Note: There is no ATM or network inside the park so you should see a hotel that has wifi and take cash with you to be on a safer side if online payment is not happening. So, do keep Jim Corbett in your bucket list and visit it when you can.