Why is it important to know the value of your property?

Property valuation can aid an organization or person to know the worth of their property or of a property that they are considering getting. The fair price of the land, factory, building, etc. can be estimated by looking at the valuation of the property. The following are some reasons why home valuation is important:

Buying and selling

When a property needs to be brought or sold, it is important to know its value. This can help the seller and buyer both know how much the property costs.

If someone wants to rent their property, once again valuation of property is necessary. The rent of some property is often a percentage of the estimated cost of it. So, if you want to get the right rental for your property, you should know what its value is.

Mortgage property

If a buyer wants to get a loan against the security of a particular property, property valuation happens here as well. If someone wants to get a loan so that they can construct a building, valuation of property happens here.


When you need to calculate the tax on your property, valuation of the property needs to occur. Some taxes encompass wealth tax, municipal tax, vacant land tax, the property tax, etc. You should find out what tax you need to pay in the country that you are in. It is vital to pay these if you do not want to face any legal repercussions.

Transfer of property

If you want to transfer your property, you will have to know the estimated value of it. When it comes to the stamp duty, this gets calculated based on the property’s worth.

In case of compulsory acquisition

When an individual or even organization declares itself as being bankrupt, compulsory acquisition or the auctioning off of their property occurs. Here the valuation of the property is needed.

Overall, if you know the value of a home, you can figure out whether you can afford it. It can help one know if a listing is priced properly.

How to calculate the value of your property

If you want to know the value of your property, you can get professional help here. For instance, a house value estimate at Matt Hansen Real Estate can occur.

There are online valuation tools that can help as well. Automated valuation model or AVM tends to be the technical term used for these tools. They are often provided by lenders or some real estate sites. They employ public records such as property transfers, tax assessments as well as deeds of ownership, and also some mathematical modeling. With this, they try and predict the home’s value based upon recent sales plus listing prices within the area. You should keep in mind that many AVMs present on real estate sites may be there for marketing and also lead generation needs. You can get a comparative market analysis to find out the worth of your home as well.

From the above, you can see that it is helpful to know the value of a home, building, or property.