Why is Instagram so popular?

With 2 billion active monthly members as of December 2021, Instagram is certainly among the top used social media apps worldwide. Why is Instagram so well-known?

The app was launched in 2010 and Instagram has been growing rapidly in the past year, robbing rivals like Snapchat and Twitter on their way through the adoption of new features and advancing rapidly. Today, the company owned by Facebook is the preferred application for those who like communicating via visual methods mostly through their smartphones. If you want to view the story without signup or login then visit Smihub: An Instagram Story Viewer this tells you the best way to view the story. Below, we’ll take a look at the factors that make Instagram such a popular choice for individuals of all ages.

Here’s the reason Instagram is so popular.

1. Instagram is extremely well-suited for mobile devices.

There’s no doubt that more and more people are choosing to do things with their smartphones, rather than a desktop laptop computer, or tablets. It’s a mobile-centric society and Instagram is a mobile app that was designed to be used on mobile phones. The application’s features are not available for desktop versions which further encourages users to sign in using smartphones rather than computers.

2. Instagram is an image-first application.

People are extremely responsive to images. We prefer visually rather than digesting written words or audio signals. This is the reason why visual marketing (and specifically influencer marketing) is gaining momentum in recent times.

It’s also the reason why Instagram is so well-known. On Instagram photos take the lead in the feed. The captions are cut off from the main feed following several words which makes them irrelevant to the photos shown.

In our study of Instagram’s super users, 71% of the 500 participants agreed on the importance of Instagram’s caption though important isn’t the sole driving factor for a post’s success.

If you’re wondering which type of photos best work for Instagram Here’s an overview of what our survey respondents had to say. When it comes to the number of followers, 71% of respondents believe they prefer portraits as the best way to do it while landscape photography comes in at just behind (13percent). Only 14% of users reported that selfies generate the highest engagement on their Instagram accounts. Group photos ranked last.

Images are so crucial to Instagram’s top accounts, that an array of third-party editing applications that have followed Instagram’s lead is growing in popularity over the last decade. Both paid and free editing tools for photos have increased in popularity with Instagram users looking to improve the quality of their Insta level by making use of popular Instagram themes or posting more attractive, captivating photos. Based on our research 52% of our respondents always utilize a third-party editing application when they post on Instagram.

3. Instagram is a user-friendly app.

It is without a doubt that Instagram is extremely user-friendly. Its simple interface is easy for novice users to grasp quickly, regardless of age. It doesn’t require an expert “cord-cutter to use the app’s many features. Instagram is constantly providing new and enhanced features (including slideshows, filters, Stories as well as Instagram TV to name just some) and guiding users when they sign in with easy-to-follow tutorials on how to utilize them in the way they function. Based on our research it is the Instagram feed that has been in existence since the application’s launch was the most-loved feature for 48% of users. Stories come in as a close second (42 percent).

If you’re not already active on Instagram yet, it’s time to sign up. The app’s popularity won’t be likely to slow down anytime soon, given that it is constantly improving by introducing new features and features for users. Visit theencarta.com for more information about trending apps and their benefits.