Why is Hosted Drake Tax Software popular among many CPAs?

Drake is one of the top tax software and is popular with CPAs, tax accountants, and business owners. Powerful features like e-signatures, a scheduler, and a tax planner help you create accurate tax returns quickly.

Drake Hosted is the cloud-based version of this professional tax software with powerful built-in security and data protection, a fast and automated backup system, data recovery, integration options, and more.

Let’s investigate the different benefits of hosted Drake tax software:

24/7, Global Access

Let’s say you’re out of town on business and one of your clients’ urgently asks for your bills for the last three months. Unfortunately, we can’t help this customer because all of his bills are stored on his office desktop PC. Imagine being able to impress your customers with responsive support with cloud-hosted Drake software.

With Drake Tax Hosting, you can access your financial data from any geographic location, day or night. Also, a good service provider can help you with a secure Cloud Hosted VDI which makes it easier for its user to securely access the company’s data from anywhere just with an internet connection.

Multi-user functionality

Business tax calculations require financial information to be presented in detail in a well-organized manner to facilitate the work of tax accountants. A team of accountants needs to work together to produce accurate tax returns, but what if for some reason a few team members can’t make it to the office? With the cloud version of, employees can work from home and easily collaborate without missing urgent deadlines.

That being said, when working with a tax preparation outsourcing company, all you have to do is grant secure access to Drake Software, so you can get the best support right away. Plus, thanks to multi-user functionality, you can add a certain number of team members to quickly work together to prepare your taxes.

Robust security measures

Before investing in cloud software, you should check its reliability, the level of security it offers, and more. Company financial confidentiality is a top priority, so Drake Software ensures that your financial data is safe on our servers. remain. Additionally, it is supported by enterprise-class security methods such as firewalls, data encryption, antivirus, and antimalware.

Scalability when you need it most

You already know that your financial performance and health will change as your business grows. These changes affect the tax forms you must follow to file your taxes. Likewise, you may need a more experienced and experienced team of tax advisors and a higher version of tax software or more integration capabilities.

With Drake Software, you can connect to other software applications and tools you use for accounting and financial management for effective and fast tax preparation. 


Drake is an exceptional software package designed for tax professionals, packed with lots of features and advantages. Drake Tax software hosting by certified service providers like Apps4rent provides immense benefits for its end users like allowing them to work remotely and efficiently more effectively. Also, these providers can help you with various migration services like Office 365 tenant to tenant migration which benefits its users to enjoy the secured workspace by Microsoft.