Why is Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai the best for cancer surgery in Mumbai?

Due to the lack of quality public health care hospital options with required experienced and skilled medical practitioners or cancer specialists, many patients suffer or die every year. A cancer hospital offers Surgery (Surgical Treatments), Chemotherapy Treatments, Radiation Therapy Treatments, Immunotherapy Treatments, Targeted Therapy Treatments (treatments with Monoclonal Antibodies or MABs), Bone Marrow Transplants, Stem Cell Transplants, Hormone Therapies, Gene Therapies, and many more. There are many ways to treat or at least prevent cancer from spreading, but due to the lack of cancer treatments hospitals, choosing the best cancer hospital for your loved ones is one of the challenging tasks:

Cancer Treatment Hospital in Mumbai – Cancer is a deadly disease and requires Expert’s treatment with continuous monitoring with personalized care. Getting treatment done efficiently includes a brief treatment plan with all the actions/treatments/surgery and associated risks. Mumbai has various state-of-art cancer hospitals that provide the best medical and surgical treatments for all types of cancers. Hiranandani Hospital Powai Mumbai, one of the most prominent cancer hospitals in Mumbai, is known for its world-class clinical expertise & outstanding personalized care. They Emulate global standards in healthcare. 

Cancer Treatments at Hiranandani hospital Mumbai – Hiranandani Hospital Powai Mumbai, equipped with advanced technologies and equipment, offers a qualified and skilled expert team to provide the best treatment in surgical, Medical & Radiation Oncology. Following are a few popular treatments done at Hiranandani Cancer Hospital Powai, Mumbai:

  • Medical Oncology and Haematology & Bone Marrow Transplant – Medical oncology department of Hiranandani hospital have a dedicated team of health professionals to diagnose all types of cancer with chemotherapy along with immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Our team is fully prepared to manage and operate post-operative care that even includes treating side effects of chemotherapy if any. This program, the Bone Marrow Transplant program, includes pediatricians, nurses, apheresis staff, infectious disease specialists, a pediatric ICU team, and a BMT coordinator that works like a multi-specialty facility within to provide customized care.
  • Surgical oncology – Complex tumor removal surgeries are performed skillfully by Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai’s skilled oncologists. Oncologists are supported by dedicated operating theatres, Nurses, and ICU staff. Hiranandani hospital’s surgical surgeries success rate is much higher than others proving its efficiency around the globe. They are proficient in Skull base surgeries, Urology, Gynaecology surgeries, Cardiac surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, and breast cancer Surgery.
  • Radiation Oncology – Innovative technology with advanced techniques at Dr. LH Hiranandani hospital Mumbai adds comprehensive care in Radiation therapy. They use high-tech radiation therapy such as brachytherapy, IMRT, IGRT, SRS, RapidArc Radiation, FSRS, and the HD-MLC to treat both small and big size tumors in critical areas. The main aim of treatment is the patient’s sustainability and the best treatment with the assurance of delivering the best possible care.   
  • Breast Cancer Treatment – Breast cancer treatment aims at removing cancer from the body and preventing further recurrence. Breast-conserving surgery is best performed by medical experts at Hiranandani hospital along with radiation therapy to either kill or remove breast cancer.

Why Choose Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai for Best cancer treatment –  Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai, uses a patient-centric approach with dedicated advanced facilities to provide the best affordable cancer treatment. It includes radiation medical oncology, surgical oncology, and Bone Marrow Transplant. Below are a few characteristics of Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai

  • Expert and specialized doctors
  • 24*7 monitoring capability
  • Best possible resources for Cancer treatment
  • World-class facilities with high-end advanced techniques and equipment
  • Every diagnostic test under one roof
  • Free spouse stays
  • An active panel of Internationally trained doctors and nurses
  • Essential facilities for the physically challenged
  • Clinical excellence and cutting-edge technology

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Address Details – Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, HillSide Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens,Powai, Mumbai – 400 076.