Why is Fire Safety Importance in Schools and Educational Institute

Fire safety is one of the most disregarded things in most of Educational institutes and schools. This is one reason why most schools are still operating without basic fire safety in school facilities. Basically, there is no particular rule for testing the fire safety aspect.

As we know, Schools have large buildings with lots of people, mostly students, moving in and around different rooms. So, it is most important for schools to understand the importance of having fire extinguishers on their premises to make the place a fire-safe area for children.

In this article, I’m gonna show you the exact method and safety practice of how the schools can prevent fire incidents efficiently.

So, Let’s get started.

Importance of Fire Safety in Schools & Educational Institute

1. Concentration of Students

Perhaps the biggest reason schools take fire safety more seriously than other types of premises is that schools admit more people to them than anywhere else. Hundreds of hundred students have been admitted to the classroom and the potential risk of loss of life and injury is much higher than other types of fires.

This risk increases significantly when you consider that school children are younger and less likely to act responsibly in emergencies. when the whole school is in disarray and responsible adults are unable to keep track of many students.

Some of the reasons why fire safety is so important in schools and why regular fire drills should be done are to ensure that students fully understand what they need to do and where to go. 

2. Create adequate fire safety alerts throughout the school

It is extremely important that a thorough fire safety risk assessment is performed. This assessment will assess the potential rate of fire spread throughout the building, the fire resistance of structures and materials as well as the various fire extinguishers available to students and staff. 

A thorough fire safety check should be the first thing any responsible person should do and special consideration should be given to the number of students there and the clutter they can cause if they panic in any situation.

3. Finding the right place to install fire safety equipment

Schools can easily prevent fires by putting fire extinguishers in the right places. This responsibility can often be divided into learning environments, and in local authority schools, for example, accountability can be shared between headteachers and authorities. Conversely, in private schools, the responsibility often falls on the building owner..

Since they know the angle and angle of their school, authorities can find a place where fire safety equipment should be placed.

It is also the responsibility of the school authorities to provide proper firefighting training to the teachers and students and to ensure that all appropriate fire safety measures are followed in the school policy. 

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4. Recognize and Make Safety from the Biggest Fire Risks

Hundreds of students will be at risk of fire anywhere. But some parts of the school may be at greater risk than others. It is important to find out which parts of the school are most at risk.  There are plenty of toilet rolls around to serve as fuel, and some teenagers smoking in the toilet can cause potential fires that can spread to other parts of the school. Be sure to implement a strict smoking cessation policy in school and educate all students about the potential risks.

Chemistry labs, their arrays of chemicals, combustible desks, and textbooks, have a much higher fire risk than the average classroom. In addition, In computer and server rooms where many electrical equipment are available which are also a high risk due to the possibility of electrical fires ranging from circuit overloading.

5. Schedule maintenance of fire extinguishers

Installing fire extinguishers for schools is not the final step in protecting students and teachers from fire accidents. Schools need to ensure that fire protection equipment is maintained at regular intervals. 

Not only schedule maintenance of the equipment by the Fire Extinguisher Refilling Service Team, Arnav India?, but also the school authorities should also make arrangements to check the electrical wiring of the school premises to prevent any sudden short circuits.


So, I hope you have got the important factors of Fire safety in Schools and any Educational Institute. It is not only applicable for schools. It is equally mandatory in rush places. If it is a travelling place for couples in Kolkata or a five-star hotel in Mumbai or anything else. After all, fire disaster prevention in schools is an important issue that authorities must address. It is the school’s responsibility to provide all the necessary firefighting equipment to reduce the risk of fire accidents.

I don’t know you are a School Authorities or Parent who is reading this article. Whoever you, always keep an eye on fire safety either in school or any other institute.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

As an Institute Authority, What is your fire safety maintenance day?

From Which Fire Safety Company you have contracted?

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