Why is Diabetic Foot Care Necessary?

Diabetes is one of the most common reasons for nerve damage in the foot. The disease leads to reduced blood circulation and damages the nerves in the feet. As a result, you may develop a wound in the feet, which may eventually lead to unhealable wounds.

Individuals facing wounds in the foot can consult cypress diabetic footcare to improve the blood circulation in the foot area and cure their wounds.

Why is foot care important for diabetic patients?

Diabetic patients are at higher risk of getting foot ulcers, foot wounds, cuts, etc. The major reason for this is the thickening of the blood and reduced circulation in the foot area.

Besides that, reduced blood circulation may lead to nerve damage, and the person may not realize the formation of blisters or wounds resulting in ulcers.

If not treated on time, these ulcers may spread to a larger area or even lead to infection. As a result, the individual will have to amputate the infected part of the foot.

What are the reasons for foot wounds/ ulcers?

As foot wounds are caused by the thickening of the blood and reduced circulation and artery damage. Here are some of the major causes of it:

  1. Raised blood glucose levels

High level of blood sugar is one of the major reason that blood is not circulated equally in the body of the patient, and this leads to artery damage and infections,

  1. High blood fats

The second most common reason is High blood fat, as it leads to the thickening of the blood, which can slow down the blood supply and damage the blood circulation in the foot area.

  1. Smoking

Smoking or consumption of nicotine or alcohol has a similar effect as high blood glucose levels and blood fat levels. Hence, stay away from any habit that may lead to blood thickening.

How to improve blood circulation in the foot area?

To improve circulation in the foot area, you can follow these tips:

  • Control your blood sugar levels.
  • Make sure that you do not have high blood fat levels.
  • Work out daily and try to keep your body moving.
  • Stay away from addictions to nicotine or alcohol.
  • Have nutritious food.

How to avoid foot injury?

To avoid any type of foot injury, follow these steps:

  1. Avoid going barefoot in the streets.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for your feet.
  3. Trim your toenails regularly and file the edges of the nails.
  4. Consult a doctor immediately if you start losing sensation in your foot or if you observe foot injuries.
  5. Get treated for corns or calluses to avoid any major issues.