Why is Citation Important in Teaching?

Before we start with reasons as to why citing is important, let’s understand what citation means in general. Citing a source or putting up a reference means that you have taken some text of your introduction, body or conclusion from another place. Citation doesn’t only happen with words but also ideas, figures, images etc. citation places an important role in teaching. It makes students understand the course better. Examples or reference will give them a deeper and better understanding of the topic.

Citations are an easier and short way to recognize work in a unique manner. You will often find citations in all different kinds of books specially bibliographies. The way citation is done, it has a standard way. Specific elements are noted and put in the respective titles to give you citations or references. The standard way is, 

  • Author’s name 
  • Tittles of books or articles 
  • Date of publication
  • Volume and issue numbers in case of articles only. 

Citations may look different depending on the different styles. But at the end of it all the information required is majorly same. 

Let’s now understand the reasons as to why citation is an important. 

Accuracy checking tool

Accuracy is one of the most crucial and important feature of any writing, particularly when we write about a subject like science. One the citation is done, it is easier to check the accuracy rate. For example, you can double check the direct quote, or cite another study related to yours etc,. 

Better researcher

Main feature that marks you as a good researcher is attention to every detail. Good citation practice surely helps you giving attention to details and the ability to find out patterns and build connections. It makes the entire base very strong. It’s shows your accuracy with the facts that you have put up in your article with the help of information available in other similar articles. 

Better writer

Citation is one of the most important part of any writing. No book or article is complete without citations. Citations in a way that gives your reader the confidence that you have gone through information thoroughly and you really know what you’re writing. It gives them the confidence to trust what you it up there. It leaves no questions on their mind. Therefore, with slowly building the confidence of audience it will surely help you gain more audience and they will trust your work even more. 

A good bibliography shows off your scientific knowledge.

Bibliography is basically a compilation of various other sources that you must have read or added in your manuscript. Therefore, extensive bibliography is often an identity of a well and widely read and informed scientist. 

Creditability as a scholar or scientist. 

Citing sources carefully surely helps you build your credibility. This simply is the result of the previous point mentioned above. A well cited article has proper references and it has extremely careful citations. It also adds icing to the Cake when the documents and arguments that you put up are well researched and it automatically adds more credibility to your work. It also makes others depend on your work due to providing the right citations. 

Verification of work

The basic but most important reason for citation is verification. Verification isn’t an easy job to do. It is a whole process wherein it takes multiple rounds of checking the content before it is printed onto the paper. Therefore, with proper citation, verification becomes much easier and passes rounds very easily. For any article to be written, students are been asked to mention the reference links beneath every article. Even best degree college in Andhra Pradesh like that of Sri Prakash Organization relies on taking references from trust worth links. In the future, it also gives the editor and other reviewers to be confident enough to print your material onto the paper. Therefore, verification will be easier when you cite your sources and provide adequate information about the material you have used from other sources. 

Therefore, citation is a very important and integral part of any article, journal or book. The readers; be it best school in Andhra Pradesh or any degree college or organization, the reader should clearly know where the information is coming from. It gives them the confidence to trust the author. Having proper citation is the foundation for any book, article or journal. Therefore, to put up clean work out there, it is highly recommended to add proper citations and give the required information of other sources from where the information is taken. 

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