Why is Carmex Lip Balm Bad for You?

Before buying chapsticks, look at the list of ingredients listed on their lip balm boxes. You should also examine Carmex products as they contain harmful elements. Weather, health, or an infection can take a toll on the lips and make them dry. As the moisture evaporates, the skin gets cracked and starts peeling off. To prevent this from happening, people use lip balms. Many companies produce these items; Carmex is one of them. They market their items in yellow lip balm boxes.

Carmex and lip balms

Before understanding why this brand is wrong for a consumer’s health, there is a need for some background details. The main reason why a beauty product is rejected is due to its composition. The way it is cooked and the ingredients used to make it is essential.

Good ingredients for a lip balm:

A lip balm, also known as a chapstick, is a standard product available to everyone. Despite the difference between age and gender, people find relief in them. It is a relief from the hurting sensation in the lips and deadening of lip cells. There are many ingredients written on custom lip balm boxes. Therefore, a consumer can look for the good ones to avoid health hazards. Three main components are mentioned here.

1- Beeswax is the secreted pollen from the worker bees. It locks the moisture. 

2- Lanolin is a product of the fleece living in sheep. It is extracted, purified, and then used in the creation. Therefore, it is the best moisturizer that is also naturally produced.

3- Petroleum is an integral part of this product. It is cooked up from mineral oils and chemical preservatives. A lock on moisture is placed due to this substance.

Companies can figure out how much ingredient information to share by using a lip balm display box template. Fewer amount details or excessive ones can be problematic. People might find it less trusting if the box lists a lower number of ingredients than the brands. You might make them think that the company is hiding something. On the other hand, too much information might lead to further complications.

Steer clear of these:

Many companies serve their consumers with lip balm containers, free shipping, high-quality material, and other facilities. You can be an excellent way to cover up the harmful ingredients used in manufacturing for the item. However, a user should be aware of certain elements that are harmful to their skin. 

1- Parabens are the copycats of estrogen. They are chemicals that cause skin cancer.

2- BHA and BHT are commonly used types of preservatives. However, these are high-risk inducers of organ-system poisonousness, respiratory soreness, and cancer.

3- Chemical sunscreen disrupts the genes in both humans and animals alike. 

4- Artificial flavors are a big stop sign for any item. The high levels of phthalates result in asthma, allergies, and decreased fertility in humans.

A person should be in the habit of looking at the box for its ingredients. It is essential to take care of the health in general and avoid products that might cause allergies on usage. For example, a lip balm box is mainly made up of a round stick. It prevents the information from being printed on them. So instead of using these brands, a buyer must pick up the ones that go to extra measures to gain their trust.

What is Carmex?

Carmex is a famous brand among the masses. Multiple lip balm display boxes can be seen on the cash registers in stores. It represents how retailers order lip balm display boxes wholesale from this brand to sell. As much as it is a famous brand, there are some drawbacks of using its items. Drug inspection organizations took notice of this and pointed out what might be wrong with these products.

Composition of Carmex and how it isn’t good:

It creates many lip-related products for people to use. Many speculations have occurred regarding the items that are used in the production of these products. We should gain the constituent information written on the lip balm packaging to continue.

1- Salicylic acid works as a keratolytic agent. It sheds the cells on the skin rapidly. At the same time, it prevents the undamaged ones from closing up.

2- Phenol is also present in the composition. Even if the level is low, it is enough to create damage to sensitive skin. It is toxic for the eyes, skin, and respiratory system. Lip balm containers might have this ingredient.

3- Menthol might have a refreshing feeling for some people; for others, it is irritating. It causes an itch in the lips and leaves the person scratching the skin continuously. Lip balm containers have this product especially listed on them.

4- Lip balm boxes should be considered thoroughly for the mention of any synthetic coloring. Most of the chapsticks by Carmex have this harmful chemical in them.

You can consider all these ingredients before buying any Carmex lip balm containers bulk. Even if the buyers might not be allergic to Menthol, cocoa butter, or beeswax, retailers should avoid chemically induced produce.