Why is car paint protection film popular?

The different look of a new car catches the attention of all. The shine, gloss, the paintwork all make the vehicle eye-catching. However, the exterior of the car fades away over time. Many factors are in play here like the sun’s bleaching effect, the rain, the daily wear, and tear, etc. that can have damaging effects. Car owners go for two options: the paint protection film and ceramic coating for their cars. It can make your car look brand new. They have gained popularity in the recent past for the capacity to preserve the bright look of the vehicle. 

Benefits of paint protection film on your car

The protective paint film, as the name suggests, is the one that includes a protective covering for your pricey vehicle. 

  • The material that manufactures car pain is a thermoplastic urethane film. These materials are easily malleable and also self-healing. A clear paint protection film for cars is invisible to the naked eyes, but it will protect your vehicle from scratches and chips. 
  • Also, it would not take away the overall aesthetic appeal of your car. It has gained popularity because it protects your vehicle from the sun’s harmful rays. It works as a protective shield on the car and prevents any fading.
  • The urethane film is a self-healing material. It means that it would heal itself before causing any damage to your car. It is also corrosion-resistant, which makes your vehicle stand acidic contamination. Acid rain, bug splatter, mineral deposit, and rock chips are all prevented from creating any damage to the car. 
  • The elastomeric polymer on the top layer of the film can revert to natural shape after damage. It is thus a significant advantage. The chemical stains, fading from the UV rays, scratches, and chips and water sports, are all prevented from damaging your vehicle because of this transparent paint protection film layer.

What is the ceramic coating? 

It is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior of the car. It bonds with the factory paint of the vehicle and thus forms a permanent protective layer. It also has the capacity of heat resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, thereby protecting your vehicle. It has become a permanent solution for the car. It requires only a one time use, and you will not have to worry afterward.

One benefit of this coating is that it is hydrophobic. It means they are less tolerant of water. It repels water and also other liquids in a similar manner. It also acts as a sunscreen for the car. The harmful UV rays will not be able to damage the permanent covering of the vehicle. 

So when it comes to the best choice that you should make for the car, consider all the points mentioned above. Both of them share almost the same benefits associated with the vehicle. One thing that makes the paint protection film stand higher is that they are relatively cheap compared to ceramic coating. So choose wisely based upon your needs.