Why is Capacity planning important?

┬áThe service industry is working hard to keep its customers happy and satisfied. Not from today we know that maximizing customer service requires complex planning and organizational tools. Capacity planning therefore helps to ensure that companies can meet demand. With efficient resource capacity planning software, the company works much better and more efficiently than without it. Companies can’t afford the “what if” question, because every mistake costs a lot. The new services and opportunities that await us must not be missed by inattention. Managing the development of your agency and the happiness of your team is hard work, but to make it easier, all you have to do is decide on resource capacity planning software and convince yourself of its capabilities.

The success of work organisation depends on the balance of supply and demand

Demand and resource requirements are consolidated in all projects and functions. Full visibility of resource needs is required for the team to work together and anticipate. Binocs uses a limit-based planning algorithm. Map out projects and out-of-project activities to get a complete picture of demand. If we have a lot of ideas for new projects and we don’t have enough people to do them, we may have a lot of trouble. Thanks to resource capacity planning software there is no room for such errors. Balance requires a combination of profit margins compared to team resources and, as you know, performance planning is at stake here. Capacity planning gives an honest picture of how much work your team can do without burning out or losing quality.

Explore the 2 main methods of performance planning 

Companies have different approaches to performance planning because there are many ways to do so. The demand forecast establishes a link between the company’s internal management and its external environment. Before implementation, the forecast period shall be determined and a convenient method chosen. The most popular is driving. It’s about anticipating that you’ll be able to complete your project quickly. The advantage of this strategy is that you will have a team that is ready to work when it arrives, which will accelerate the growth of the company. Another method is delay, i. e. assuming that the agency works in 100% of its capacity, without setting up new projects. This can put a little strain on employees, reducing their creativity.

Benefits with Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning lets you see what everyone is working on. You can make changes to upcoming task and project assignments based on team skills and availability. In this way planning can identify the cheapest way to meet upcoming resource needs. In addition, you can manage your staff’s inventory of skills, which will make it easier to adapt the project to the individual. Similarly, you can identify a shortage of necessary skills and deal with it quickly.

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