Why is Ahmedabad heavily effected by waterborne diseases and how to cure it?

Ahmedabad is one of the largest & one of the most popular cities in Gujarat. But when it comes to individual health parameters, Ahmedabad is among the top city in waterborne diseases in Gujarat.

In the last few years, Gujarat has record the highest no of cases in cholera, dengue, malaria, typhoid, and other waterborne related diseases. 

In the recent interview, Doctor said that the biggest reason for waterborne diseases is contaminated water. In Ahmedabad, the cases of mosquito diseases and waterborne diseases are rapidly growing.

In the last four weeks, the city has registered 79 new cases of dengue, 151 cases of Diarrhea, and 164 cases of typhoid in municipal hospitals. To take this problem seriously, the government has received 1,358 samples of drinking water and from the recent report of 11 samples are not suitable for drinking. 

Unavailability of clean drinking water becomes the primary reason behind waterborne diseases in Ahmedabad. The Gujarat government’s initiative (2020 to be vector-borne disease-free) has failed in the first month of the New Year.

Now the big question is how to protect you & your family from waterborne diseases?

To protect your family from waterborne diseases, you have to drink properly treated water. Some are saying use RO water purifiers to purify drinking water or some are saying to drink boiled water, but these all are not efficient purify drinking water. Use Bactafree chlorine-based water purification tablets to purify drinking water.

What is Bactafree Water Purification Tablets?

India’s leading pharma company, the Precise Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., developed Bactafree chlorine-based water purification tablets to purify drinking water. Bactafree chlorine tablets kill all the types of bacteria, germs, and viruses from the water and make water healthier to drink. Bactafree water purifying tablets are manufactured using Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) – an organic chlorine donor with superior disinfection to purify drinking water. Now Bactafree is widely known as the best water purification tablets in India.

Why Bactafree Tablets?

  • Keeps water free from pathogens agent
  • Improve the purity of water
  • Make water more hygienic
  • No change in water test
  • Keeps clarity of water intact
  • KIlls salmonella typhi, shigella sonnei, escherichia coli, sibro sholerae and streptococcus faecalis from water

Trusted By the Indian Government?

The Company has acknowledged the following Certificates issued by concerned authorities:

– Food & Drug Control Administration Manufacturing License

– Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate from FDCA

– Good Laboratory Practice Certificate from FDCA

– ISO 9001: 2015