Why is a good mushroom growing farm equipment essential to its success?

A properly managed mushroom growing farm can be a very profitable investment. However, a lot depends on its equipment. As time goes by, the technology is evolving, so you can’t stand still and use the same outdated equipment the entire time.

Why is it necessary for the mushroom growing farm to be well equipped to succeed? Which parts of equipment are most important and how do they affect the mushroom growing farm’s efficiency? We will try to answer these questions below.

Mushroom picking lorries

Ergonomic mushroom trolley can significantly accelerate harvesting and increase its efficiency, thereby increasing the income of the mushroom and making it easier to succeed. Modern, high-tech trolleys allow automation of work while maintaining a high level of safety.

Mushroom growing farm lamps

Regular lamps cannot be used in mushroom farms, as they could quickly become damaged in the farms’ climate. Special lamps, which maintain the IP68 degree of leakproofness, are a must-have for a mushroom growing farm.

Mushroom growing shelving

Mushroom growing shelves made of aluminum are highly corrosion-resistant and their properties do not deteriorate over the years. It is difficult to damage them, even mechanically. Therefore, good shelves can serve a mushroom growing farm throughout its entire life.

Growing nets

Growing nets allow for quick and efficient pulling of the substrate onto the shelves of the shelving and later pulling it out when it fulfills its role. High quality nets can mean even a dozen years of trouble-free use, without narrowing of the nets or other problems of this kind.

Mushroom scales

Battery-powered scales are a guarantee of precision and lack of failures, while also saving the employees’ time – you only have to replace the batteries once every few months. You don’t have to constantly charge them or risk the wire being damaged.

Mushroom growing farm climate control

The right climate of the mushroom growing farm is crucial for the proper growth of fungi. The advanced climate control system provides the best conditions for each stage of the growth of mushrooms, but it also equals considerable savings in the long run. It will help you avoid paying too much for cooling and ventilation.

Mushroom picking knives

A mushroom picking knife should be above all durable. Good mushroom picking knives don’t require frequent replacement, due to high durability – both of the blades and the handles.

Irrigation system

Optimal irrigation of fungi ensures their proper development. This effect can be achieved by using an automated system mounted under the shelves of the shelving, which can be operated remotely using your smartphone. Modern irrigation systems don’t need direct assistance from workers and therefore save their time and energy.

Growing tunnel covers

High quality materials used to cover tunnels are primarily distinguished by their long service life – they can be used for over a decade. We don’t have to worry that they will need to be replaced frequently because of holes or penetration.

Thanks to the right equipment of the mushroom growing farm, its efficiency can be significantly improved and various fixed costs can be reduced. However, for this to happen, equipment should be purchased from a reputable manufacturer, such as GROWTIME. GROWTIME offers high quality, modern equipment that will help your mushroom growing farm succeed and stay ahead of the competition.