Why iPhone stuck in headphone mode- How to Fix

Many users have experienced that their phone refuses to deliver audio and only works when the speakerphone option is turned on. You try to press the volume button but it is not making any sound.

Your phone is stuck in headphone mode because it thinks headphones are plugged even though they are not. This is usually a hardware problem, not the software. It might be possible that debris stuck in the headphone jack or headphone jack is damaged. 

Take a look inside your iPhone with the help of the flashlight; see if there is any debris inside. Try to remove it.  There is no right way to remove dust and debris from the headphone. You can clean your headphones with some pointed toothpick, compressed air, and tweezes.

Reasons for iPhone to stuck in headphone mode are

Water Damage – Water damage is a very common reason for the iPhone to get stuck in headphones mode. Most of the time people did not realize how it could happen. Many times sweat or water runs down the cord and damages your device.

Physical Damage – If your phone has fallen or got smashed then it is clear why this problem is arising. Normal uses of phones never cause this problem.

How to get your phone out of headphone mode

  • Go to setting > sound and haptics > ringtone, try different ringtones and your phone sound will work again.
  • Clear the headphones or lighting port. Make sure it is free and clean of dust, lint, or debris.
  • Try to connect and disconnect the Bluetooth speaker or device.
  • Turn on the airplane mode
  • Try to make an audio recording
  • Make sure that your battery has been charged up at least 30%
  • Finally, close all the apps which are open in the background and restart your phone. 

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