Why Important Shipments Get Damaged in Transit

Every company that regularly ships merchandise to clients has dealt with damaged cargo at one time or another. There are many facets to a successful shipment, and a single blunder is all it takes for cargo to become damaged or outright destroyed. Needless to say, damaged shipments don’t exactly make companies popular with clients. If merchandise consistently arrives damaged, even the most forgiving client is liable to think twice about giving a company their business. Companies looking to make damaged shipments a relic of the past should educate themselves on the most common reasons shipping mishaps occur.


Improper Shipping Containers

When dealing with delicate merchandise, it’s important to put genuine effort into selecting suitable shipping containers. For example, if a container is too large for the item(s) you wish to ship, the cargo is practically guaranteed to suffer a fair amount of bumping and jostling throughout its journey. The more free space is present in a shipping container, the more room there is for delicate items to absorb shocks, bumps and assorted impacts. As such, you’ll need to select shipping containers in which the item(s) you’re shipping fit snugly while still having a little bit of breathing room.


Improper Packing

In addition to selecting shipping containers that are well-suited to the type of cargo you wish to send, you’ll need to cushion delicate merchandise with the right kind of packing material. Items that are sensitive to shock absorption and prone to easy breakage should be given sufficient cushioning to make their journey less perilous. If your company is inexperienced at shipment packaging, consider farming this task out to your preferred delivery service. Many delivery companies provide clients with professional packing services for nominal fees, so if your enterprise lacks experience in this field, the small cost should prove well worth the additional protection.


Unreliable Delivery Services

Any company thinking about supply chain accountability solutions should consider the reliability of their preferred delivery service(s). While every delivery service makes the occasional blunder, frequent errors and habitually damaged cargo should give anyone pause. Additionally, delivery services that refuse to accept responsibility for their mistakes should not be among your business contacts. There’s nothing wrong with giving a delivery service a second chance, but once you enter the realm of third and fourth chances, it may be a good idea to take your business elsewhere. With this in mind, seek out delivery services with proven track records in punctuality, shipment handling and general dependability.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that’s never dealt with a damaged shipment. While some shipments are damaged for reasons that are completely out of the sender’s hands, others incur damage as a direct result of sender oversight. Unsurprisingly, many clients are hesitant to do business with companies that have developed a reputation for shipping damaged merchandise. By educating yourself on common reasons for damaged shipments and actively taking steps to improve your shipping practices, you can set the stage for consistent client satisfaction and long-term success.

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