Why Huawei band 4 fitness tracker is value for money?

Hi everyone welcomes back to another blog of Huawei band. It is a song fitness device that we have right is the huawei band 4 fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are more affordable and functional than ever and I try and review the most capable and budget-friendly devices on the market. It can track your sleep and track even apps that you take during the day which impressed me and it’s supposed to compete the mighty me band for definitely worth inspecting let’s get started.

What you will get from the box?

Huawei provides a good signature box it’s way better than what happens with a mid-band full unboxing inside there’s the fitness tracker a short user guide and that’s it now tell me do you notice something missing did why I forget to put it there a charging cable in my package no way it’s pretty simple they’ve three engineered the charging port it’s not revolutionary because other fitness trackers have similar implementation but it is one of the rare occasions where you have a physical log button on the band you have to depress this button lets you unlock it and get to the charging port this idea is brilliant of course.


The huawei band 4 fitness tracker has modified Bluetooth 4.2, is water-resistant, and very lightweight. Most of the construction is plastic, the display is slightly covered by glass and the band is silicon rubber in terms of design good looking and if my band is too roundish for your taste this could appear to be more attractive the processor inside is Apple o 3 the same as used in the honor band generations 4 and 5 before responsiveness is comparable from hardware we switch the software and performance both are pretty good with a few remarks though the setup is extremely easy and to get things working you connect to the app and after you finish the setup all the data is going to be synchronized with the phone from time to time.

There’s no need huawei band 4 fitness tracker to be around the phone all the time as soon as Bluetooth connectivity establishes it will transfer the collected data about pulsing steps syncing happens automatically navigation is a quite easy capacitive button that acts as a home button swipe up and down to go through the menus swipe right for quick access to the notifications swiping left appears to do nothing I noticed that as soon as you get more notifications it may take around the second the panel to show up this is one of the features I like the most.


We noticed a good-looking display and very different choice of the color scheme compared to the honor band at least of course watch faces are something you can easily change how the specifications are quite interesting point 96 inch OLED display well visible in daylight if you choose a good watch face and I’d always recommend using such with big wide digits to show you the time better visible outdoors.


To check the battery you just have to click the button at the bottom of the screen and then click the middle of the screen. If we want to charge the band we have to detach the band from the watch we have two buttons on one side we have a USB sign if we detach it we have a USB connector and from the other side we don’t have we can charge it both with a standard charger. We also take a note that you can also put it from the wrong side and then they will not charge there is no indication from which side you should put it so we have to be careful to don’t make a mistake. The huawei band 4 fitness tracker has a 91 milliamp-hour battery well for seven days of usage.