Why Hot Water Extraction Is Eminent For Carpet Cleaning

Several carpet cleaning methods can be used for carpet cleaning. You might consider using carpet shampooing, dry cleaning, steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and hot water extraction. Amongst these carpet cleaning processes, hot water extraction might be considered the most efficient method of eliminating dust, dirt, and debris from your carpets. This method is used for many years for cleaning the carpets and for achieving guaranteed results.  

The hot water extraction cleaner sprays a mixture of cleaning solution and hot water on your carpet to loosen the grime, dirt and other pollutants and then sucks it up leaving the carpet clean and dry. The eminence of hot water extraction is not restricted to carpet cleaning. There are a lot more benefits of carpet cleaning which are involved in hot water extraction. Here are some more advantages of cleaning your carpets with hot water extraction.  

Hot water extraction is an eco-friendly mode of carpet cleaning-

One of the prime benefits of hot water extraction is that it is environmentally friendly. It uses water to effectively clean your carpet without making use of any chemicals. Hence, that won’t be harmful to people who have allergies. Also, it is completely safe for properties that have kids and pets. Plus, this method helps you to extend the lifespan of your carpet by lessening the wear and tear which is involved in other carpet cleaning procedures such as bonnet cleaning and carpet shampooing.  

 Shampoos and dry cleaning agents might also leave the harmful remnants behind and make the smell linger for quite some time. The cleaning solutions which are used in hot water extraction also are eco-friendly and they will not be harmful to your family or pets. These cleaning solutions will leave you’re a pleasant smell on your carpet. Hot water extraction does not need much water, so you might also save on water during this procedure.

 Hot water extraction offers deep cleaning-

 Cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner is recommended for reducing debris and dirt buildup, however, if you keep your carpet neglected for a long time, then it would not be enough to keep it fully clean. So, if you wish to give your carpet a brand-new look, then you should consider cleaning it with hot water extraction. This method is not only useful in cleaning the surface of your carpet, but it also soaks inside the carpet fibres and removes dirt, stains and dust effectively.

 After the dirt and grime are loosened, they can be easily removed with a powerful vacuum to achieve a deep cleaning effect. The high pressure which is produced by these machines can handle any and every stain possible. Whether it is a coffee stain, tea spill, and food, almost all of these carpet stains can be eliminated with hot water extraction. 

Hot water extraction gives better results as compared to steam cleaning-

 Many think steam cleaning and hot water extraction are the same methods. However, it is not true. These two processes are different. Steam cleaning is hotter as compared to hot water as the water reaches boiling temperatures to produce vapour. And while steam cleaning can perform an efficient job of cleaning your carpet, it might also leave some permanent water stains after treatment. Steam cleaning is also vulnerable to over-wetting, can contribute to mould growth and might result in causing respiratory problems if the mould spores are inhaled by people. However, in hot water extraction, the water does not reach its boiling point and does not cause stains or mould growth.  

 During hot water extraction, the experts also use efficient cleaning detergents to rinse the carpet fibres carefully. So, if you have a carpet made from natural fabric, then this method is the best for you. Steam cleaning might lead to shrinkage in the natural fabrics and also leave visible signs on the carpet while affecting the overall lifespan of your carpet. After hot water extraction, the carpet also dries much faster as compared to steam cleaning. This makes hot water extraction a lot more efficient as compared to steam cleaning.


Hot water extraction is one of the most efficient modes of carpet cleaning as it is eco-friendly and helps you to restore the condition of your carpets. Plus, you need not worry about the residue of this treatment and you can stay assured about achieving the best results as compared to other carpet cleaning methods. So, if you wish to lengthen the lifespan of your carpet, then opt for hot water extraction right away.  

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