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You have no idea what you are missing if you have never owned Himalayan pink salt lamp. Having a salt lamp is like best feeling like an open window that offers you a natural source of fresh air anywhere you choose to put. It might be your bedroom, living room, office, yoga places, kitchen etc.


According to many people Himalayan salt lamps owns a number of benefits. Let’s dive into the health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps if you put them in your surroundings.


Benefits of Himalayan pink salt lamps:

  1. Clean and deodorize air
  2. Improve mood and concentration
  3. May help reduce allergies and asthma
  4. Reduce static electricity in air
  5. Ease your coughing
  6. Neutralize electromagnetic radiations
  7. Best Light source ever
  8. May help to promote better night sleep

  • Clean and deodorize air


Among many benefits, this is the most well-known benefit of crystal salt lamps. The incredible power of these lamps may help to remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other pollutants and toxins from the air. People often think how a big chunk of salt with a light bulb canable to do this. The answer is simple, yes they can. They attract water molecules from the air and absorb dust and other foreign particles in the salt crystal. As the salt warms up the water evaporates back into air and the dust particles, dust, smoke etc. is trapped in salt lamp.

  • Improve mood and concentration:


Himalayan pink salt lamps is the best and natural way to enhance your mood or to help you relax and unwind your stress and tensions at the end of the day. Rock salt lamps may also help to improve your concentration level. It can improve oxygen and blood supply to your brain and other organs that boost serotonin. It is the neurotransmitter which makes us feel happy. You can place WBM Large salt lamp on your work place or computer table for better focus and concentration.

  • May reduce allergies and asthma:


Himalayan salt lamp remove microscopic particles of dust, mold etc. from your surrounding thus reducing the allergies and asthma issues. Placing a lamp at the spot where you spent most time of the day can seriously cut back asthma and allergy symptoms. People that are suffering from asthma should notice a big difference in a week or two. Nowadays salt inhalers are also available in market and they are earning very positive response from the users.

  • Reduce static electricity in air:


Static electricity may leads to stress and frustration problems as it is a huge pain. Placing Himalayan rock salt lamps in the different spots in your house is a natural way to neutralize the ionized particles in the air.

  • Can ease your coughing:


Our homes are filled with the positive charged ions produced by electronic devices like TV, Computer, Mobile phones, oven etc. and these rays are dangerous for your health. When the salt lamps lit and heats up, the process of hygroscopic cycling starts and it changes the charge of molecules.


As salt lamp absorbs water and dust particles from air, it also takes positive ions with them. Heated salt lamp releases cleansed water vapors and may also expels negative ions and this process can help to keep your lungs clear. You can say crystal salt lamps may also filter air more efficiently so that you can breathe fresh and clean air.

  • Neutralize electromagnetic radiations:


Nowadays, most of us are living in the electromagnetic radiation which flows from our electronics that are television, computer, tablets, cell phones and other small and large appliances. They might be invisible but there long terms effects can be serious. It may cause chronic fatigue, increase your stress level, and disturb your body immune system as well. HPS emits negative ions in air thus neutralizing electromagnetic radiations in the process. Keep them near to the electronic devices to cut their affects.

  • Best light source ever:


Himalayan salt lamps are created to use with ease and they are environment friendly. They are designed beautifully and they are available in many designs and shapes. The most used salt lamps comes with the neem wood base. They use low wattage bulb from 15 to 20 watts thus consuming very little energy. You can also purchase Himalayan salt basket salt lamps, they consist of metal baskets and salt chunks are filled inside it. WBM is now offering wall plug in night lights that are 360 degree rotatable. Adjust them according to your mood and enjoy the peaceful and better sleep.

  • Promote better sleep:


The presence of positive ions in the air can rob your quality of sleep and this happens because of the positively charged particles that can actually reduce oxygen and blood supply to the brain and it may result in irregular sleep patterns. HPS naturally generate negative ions that can fix sleep deprivation problem. Keep one salt lamp or Himalayan WBMnight salt lamps in your room to get enough of the salt power. It amazing warm glow works as an antidote for your eyes.


You can adjust the salt light to dim with the help of dimmer as it allow you to adjust the lamp brightness according to your home. You can also turn if off if you like to sleep in complete darkness just leave it on when you are awake so it can do its work.





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