Why Having a Strata Unit Is An Advantage

Would you consider living in a strata community? Is hiring strata cleaning in Maroubra better than domestic cleaners? Is it reasonable to invest in a strata unit in Maroubra?

Maroubra in Sydney is a great place to live in. It has a great beach with superb surfing waves. If fishing is your cup of tea, then Maroubra will not disappoint you since the area has a lot of excellent fishing spots just around the beach and rock areas. The relaxed living conditions of Maroubra has made it an ideal place to invest in strata homes. 

What is a strata title tenure?

A strata title tenure will allow you to purchase a title within a residential village. Your claim will only be limited to the ownership of the accommodation within the unit itself. You do not have ownership of the land where your unit is built on, nor do you have ownership of the physical unit itself. The land and the physical buildings where your unit is located are considered as common property, which is owned by a corporate body that may be made up of unit owners. 

When you enter into a strata title tenure, the common properties are going to be managed by a strata manager appointed by the corporate body. To simplify things, when you purchase a strata unit, you only own the space within your unit. The physical unit and the land are not yours, but you get to take part as a member of the corporate body on any decisions concerning the use and management of the common properties. 

Advantages of Having a Strata Home

Investing in a strata unit is a cost-effective way of investing in urban housing without shelling out a massive budget as compared to investing in a house and land package. There are many advantages to getting a strata unit, especially when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of the common areas. 

If you are a strata unit owner, you are required to pay for levies that will include regular strata cleaning, Maroubra services. This means that you do not need to worry about keeping your surrounding areas clean. You are paying for its upkeep. What you can focus on is to keep the inside space of your unit clean since its maintenance and cleaning may not be part of the strata cleaning agreement. 

Strata cleaning and maintenance is not the same as hiring a domestic maid to do the cleaning. While domestic cleaners concentrate on cleaning for the individual unit owners, strata cleaners specialise in cleaning the shared common areas of the property. This means that strata cleaners should have a high level of standards to satisfy a more significant number of unit owners. 

Strata cleaning services in Maroubra will generally focus on the following common areas:

Lobbies and entryways. Lobbies and entrances are the areas within a strata community that has the heaviest foot traffic. Residents, unit owners, and guests of the strata property will always pass through these areas, so keeping them clean is a priority. 

Lifts. The number of people using lifts daily means a lot of hands touching the inside surfaces of the elevators. Strata cleaners are responsible for regularly cleaning and disinfecting every part of the lift.

Garbage rooms and bins. As a strata unit owner, you are responsible for taking your unit’s trash into garbage rooms nearest your unit. Strata cleaners are the ones responsible for making sure that garbage rooms are kept clean and unfilled. 

When you own a strata unit, you only need to focus on the cleaning of your unit while you get to enjoy all the amenities of the entire strata property. 

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