Why Have A Carbon Monoxide Alarm at Home & What to Do When It Goes Off?

Well, carbon monoxide is poisonous, and inhaling it can cause death. The importance of installing a CO detector or alarm at home or in any building for that matter is very high. It can save you and your family members’ lives. Once you install the CO alarm in your house, it’s also very crucial to know what you have to do when your CO alarm goes off and informs you about an increased CO level in your home.

Why install a CO alarm 

Installing CO alarms is crucial because you can’t rely on your sense of smell or wait till the time when the symptoms of CO filling your home’s air become evident. Sadly, it’ll be very late for you to react and do anything to save yourself. 

To avoid this delay, you must rely on technology and install a CO alarm in your home which will act more or less like a smoke alarm and will notify you with its siren or alarm that your home has a dangerous and harmful level of CO.

Now let’s assume that the CO alarm of your home gets off and you don’t know what to do. Have a look at the things to do below to know what’s best for you to do in such a situation.

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No need to panic

The most important thing to do when your CO alarm goes off is not to panic. If you panic, you’ll breathe more and more CO will enter your lungs. The wise thing is to make sure you bring everyone in the house to one place near your front door. 

Another wise thing to do while everyone is walking towards the front door is to open as many doors and windows to let most of the air out. After this, you need to move out of your house as soon as possible but without showing panic.  

Check for flu-like symptoms

Once all of your family members are outside, you need to check and make sure no one has symptoms like those of flu. It’ll tell you if any of you has inhaled the poisonous CO up to a dangerous extent. 

Call for medical help if symptoms are there

If anyone of your family members or residents of the building feel flu-like symptoms, it means he or she is in serious condition and needs medical assistance. It’s very important to quickly call the medical helpline to get the expert medical staff for the first aid and further treatment if anyone needs it. 

Try not to enter your home until cleared by experts

You need experts to clear your house and make sure it’s free of carbon monoxide before you re-enter your house. It may cause further damage as there are chances that carbon dioxide accumulation is more than before if the problem is still unfixed. There’s no need to rush back as it’s a matter of poisonous gas inside your home.

Hire an expert to evaluate your appliances

According to Edmonton based HVAC company, Nor-Can Heating & Air, You need an expert to come and check your gas appliances to see any leaks and cracks that may be the reason for CO emission in the house. This is very crucial to make sure that your house is CO free before you decide to go in again.


Carbon monoxide alarms can warn you in time that it’s time to move out of your house because there has been an increasing volume of CO gas in your house. It saves your lives and enables you to take timely action. If you are looking for smart thermostats, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm and HVAC systems then call a reliable HVAC company or contractor for proper installation and maintenance service. They will provide complete Heating, Cooling and Ventilation services along with installation or key HVAC products to make your home energy efficient and protected.