Why has Lockdown Been A Blessing For Digital Agencies? – Akash Singh

Akash Singh Rajput, 24-year-old, is a young entrepreneur, B Com graduate, and founder of a digital marketing company. He belongs to Lucknow and started his own company with sheer hard work with no support from his family. He is a firm believer in hard work and a self-made business person. He learned Digital Marketing to support his family financially. He had complete faith in his talent and persistence. He knew that hard work never goes in vain.

He thinks that Coronavirus Lockdown has been a great influencer for excess organisations to a certain level. Many people have lost their prestigious positions leading to the reduction of profit of many organisations. Many areas such as Travel, tourism, land and hospitality have been affected badly because of coronavirus. This dangerous infection has caused immense destruction to humanity and their lives. Many people have lost their lives and their loved ones.

Several administrations are still working by online organisations such as extreme level of promoting offices, innovative specialised co-operations and many areas of advertising of different brands. Not only this, but the lockdown has also proved to be quite effective in the growth of advanced organisations.

Because of lockdown, millions of people are locked in their homes and this came out as an amazing way for advanced offices to tempt many consumers to buy their products. Corona has forced the universe to lock themselves up in their homes to reduce the spread of infection. Because of this, a great number of people have been restricted to accept the position of using most of their time in pursuing and working on web content. A new research study has claimed that moment’s pursuer utilised on news websites has increased by almost 46% as compared to previous years.

This disaster has given many positive results in advanced offices. Advanced media is receiving the considerations of clients with the help of media, webcasts, and a lot more. Applications are noticing an ascent in their profit.

Akash Singh said that the situation of the lockdown has been amazing in the growth and development of the business of digital organisations.

The progress of online network

Lockdown means everyone should be in their homes, so people were worried. And there are many online platforms that will help people. This increased presence of online platforms. Not just this, Facebook has almost 300 groups to help with coronavirus.

Inspirer’s Place-Zoom

Huge progress was noticed in the number of zoom downloads in India from the beginning of coronavirus Lockdown. The Zoom app was installed in 80 M cell phones in the world and around 6 M all over India. It was used by millions of people for official work, exercises, get-togethers, yoga and other such activities. Some other similar apps such as Microsoft Teams, Airmeet, Bluejeans also noticed a great level of growth since lockdown.

OTT- The Newfound Place     

Now, OTT areas have also seen an increase in their viewers. In India, OTT platforms are also increasing day by day. Morning sessions are much busier than the afternoon. The viewers of Netflix and Amazon Prime has also increased.

This pandemic has given an opportunity for brands to make their relations strong with their clients just by working with them continuously. This lockdown was a blessing for online platforms and advanced offices. During the lockdown, Advanced showcasing was the perfect way to prevail in the level of people. The online presence of the client was at its peak at that time and now and lockdown is not finished yet.      

Akash Singh is co-founder of Launchigo Media who loves to read books, travel and write. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.